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  • Prices are available upon request. Please contact our sales team for details.
  • Hoop Diameter is internal
Gemstone Earrings
Gemstone drop Earrings
  CodeDescriptionStone Details  
5ER0519***New*** 9Y Swiss Blue Topaz & diamondTDW 0.012 TP 1.140
5ER0517***New*** 9Y Citrine & diamondTDW 0.006 CT 0.280
5EIN00079Y Sapphire Diamond Swirl Drop Earrings2xBS(A) RD 4.0MM 0740 4xDI (WSI) SC 0.0028CT 0.011
5ER0518***New*** 9Y London Blue Topaz & diamondTDW 0.017 LB 5.336
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  CodeDescriptionStone Details Price ex. GST  
5ET0016-GA9YGarnet 4 claw 4mm RD Earrings4mm Garnet Price on request
5ET0022-EMDI9Y Emerald & Diamond Cluster Earrings6x Emerald, 1x Diamond Price on request
5ER0444***NEW***9Y Opal Diamond Studs DW 0.0016 Opal 0.11 Price on request
5ER0446***NEW***9Y London Blue Topaz Diamond Studs DW0.0016pt BT 0.20pt Price on request
5ER0447***NEW***9R Morganite Diamond Studs DW 0.0053pt Morganite 0.16pt Price on request
5ER0450***NEW***9Y Sapphire Diamond Studs DW 0.0040pt Sapphire 0.10pt Price on request
5ER0451***NEW***9Y Amethyst Drops Am 0.14pt Price on request
5ER0452***NEW***9R Morganite Diamond Studs DW 0.0152pt Morganite 0.08pt Price on request
5ER0453***NEW***9Y Ruby Diamond Studs DW 0.0152pt Ruby 0.21pt Price on request
5ET0003-GA9Y Garnet 4mm Rubover Stud Garnet 0.13pt Price on request
5EIN00239W-BT9W Blue Topaz & Diamond EarringsTopaz Price on request
5EIN00239Y-GA9Y Garnet & Diamond EarringsGarnet Price on request
5ET0022-RUDI9Y Ruby Diamond Cluster E/R DW 0.0013pt Ruby 0.16pt Price on request
5ET0003E 9Y Emerald 4mm Rubover Stud EarringsEmerald Price on request
5ET0003-CIT 9Y Citrine 4mm Rubover Stud Earrings Price on request
5ET0003-PER 9Y Peridot 4mm Rubover Stud Earrings Price on request
5ET0003-AM 9Y Amethyst 4mm Rubover Stud Earrings Price on request
5ER0524***New*** 9Y Diamond & Emerald studsEMER 0.08 TDW 0.0192 Price on request
5ER0523***New*** 9Y Diamond & Opal studsOPAL 0.28 TDW 0.0038 Price on request
5ER0525***New*** 9Y Diamond & Tanzanite studsTANZ 0.09 TDW 0.0192 Price on request
5ET0003-BT***New*** 9Y Blue Topaz 4mm Rubover Stud EarringsBT 0.12 Price on request
5ET0022-SAPP***New*** 9Y Sapp Dia Cluster E/RDW 0.0013pt Ru 0.16pt Price on request
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