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Home Tools & Equipment Buffs & Felts Berry Buffs
Large Felts including Solid Felt Ring Buffs, soft felts, felt wheels
Economy Felt Wheels
  CodeDiameterWidth Price ex. GST  
  FE71344" (100mm)1/2" (12.7mm) $15.00
  FE71366" (150mm)1/2" (12.7mm) $40.00
  CodeWheel Buff Size (in)Wheel Buff Size (mm)Wheel EdgeRing Buff Size (in)Ring Buff Size (mm) Price ex. GST  
  FE03402" x 1/2"50.8mm x 12.7mmSquare3" x 9/16" - 3/4"76.2mm x 14.3mm - 19mm $13.50
  FE03412" x 9/16"50.8mm x 14.3mmSquare4" x 5/8" - 7/8"101.6mm x 15.9mm - 22.2mm $14.60
Felt for bracelets on a wooden hub
  CodeSize (in)Size (mm) Price ex. GST  
  FE11802" x 2"51mm x 51mm $16.00
  CodeHardnessDiameters (in)Diameters (mm)Length (in)Length (mm) Price ex. GST  
  FE0315Regular5/16" - 9/16"8mm - 14.25mm3"76mm $9.00
  FE0320Regular9/16" - 3/4"14.25mm - 19mm3"76mm $8.00
  FE0321Extra Hard9/16" - 3/4"14.25mm - 19mm3"76mm $6.50
  FE0323Regular5/8" - 7/8"16mm - 22.25mm4"102mm $10.75
  FE0324Extra Hard5/8" - 7/8"16mm - 22.25mm4"102mm $10.75
  FE0327Extra Hard11/16" - 1"17.5mm - 25.4mm5"127mm $8.00
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Length (in)Length (mm) Price ex. GST  
  FE02761/2"12.7mm1"25.4mm $2.40
  FE02773/4"19.05mm1 1/2"38.1mm $4.50
  FE02781"25.4mm2"50.8mm $5.25
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Length (in)Length (mm) Price ex. GST  
FE02801/2"12.7mm1"25.4mm $2.80
FE02813/4"19.05mm1 1/2"38.1mm $4.00
FE02821"25.4mm2"50.8mm $7.00
Suitable for all-purpose polishing and buffing. Pin hole centres.
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Thickness (in)Thickness (mm)Grade Price ex. GST  
  FE04503"76.2mm1/2"12.7mmExtra Hard $16.00
  FE04212"50.8mm1/2"12.7mmSoft $12.00
  FE04706"152.4mm1"25.4mmHard $122.00
Unmounted solid felt is used directly on tapered spindle.
  CodeDiameterLengthFirmness Price ex. GST  
  FE03329/16"3"Regular $8.50
  FE03339/16"3"Extra Hard $6.50
  FE03355/8"4"Regular $9.00
  FE03365/8"4"Extra Hard $10.00
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