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BullionGold BullionFine Gold Bullion Cast BarsGold Cast Bars
   Fine Gold Bullion CoinsAustralian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coins
     Fine Gold Bullion Coins
     Lunar Gold Bullion Coins
   Fine Gold Bullion Minted BarsFine Gold Bullion Minted Bars
 Platinum BullionFine Platinum Bullion CoinsFine Platinum Bullion Coins
     Lunar Platinum Bullion Coins
 Silver BullionFine Silver Bullion CoinsAustralian Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coins
     Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coins
     Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coins
     Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Coins
   Silver BarsSilver Cast Bars
Castings & CADCAD Design    
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Fabricated MetalCalculators & Formulas    
 Data Tables    
 Fabricated Wire    
 Plate Sheet and Strip    
 Ring Blanks    
 Solder Paste and Accessories10cc Plunger - For 30 Gram Syringes
     3cc Plunger - For 8 Gram Syringes
     3cc Syringe Rubber Stopper
     Blue Needle
     Gold Solder Paste
     MK 3 Dispenser
     Pink Needle
     Purple Needle
     Silver Solder Paste
 Solder Plate & Wire    
 Tube Chenier    
 BeadsPlain Double Hole
     Plain Single Hole
 Brooch, Cufflink and Lapel FittingsBrooch Joints
     Brooch Safety Catches
     Cuff Link Fittings
     Lapel Catch
     Roller Catch
 ChainBelcher Chains
     Round Cable Chains
 Clasps18ct White Parrot Clasps
     18ct Yellow Bolt Rings
     18ct Yellow Deluxe Bolt Ring
     18ct Yellow Parrot Clasps
     9ct Pink Bolt Rings
     9ct Pink Deluxe Bolt Ring
     9ct Pink Parrot Clasps
     9ct White Bolt Rings
     9ct White Parrot Clasps
     9ct Yellow Bolt Rings
     9ct Yellow Deluxe Bolt Ring
     9ct Yellow Parrot Clasps
     Sterling Silver Bolt Rings
     Sterling Silver Deluxe Bolt Ring
     Sterling Silver Parrot Clasps
 Earring Fittings, Studs and AccessoriesBall Post And Ring18ct Yellow Ball Post And Ring
     9ct Yellow Ball Post And Ring
     Sterling Ball Post And Ring
   Ball StudsBall Studs
   Butterflies,Posts and BacksButterflies
     Butterfly Spring
     Earring Posts
     Headed Earring Posts
     Plastic Back
     Silicone Butterflies
     Threaded Butterflies & Posts
   Creoles & SleepersCreoles
   Ear ThreadEar Thread
   Earring HookEarring Hook
   Earring Studs - 2002 - 4 & 6 claw2002 Claw Studs - 18ct White Gold - 4 claw
     2002 Claw Studs - 9ct White Gold - 4 claw
     2002 Claw Studs - 9ct Yellow Gold - 4 claw
     2002 Claw Studs - 9ct Yellow Gold - 6 claw
   Earring Studs - CY Studs  
   Earring Studs - Dot StudsDot Studs 9 White
   Earring Studs - Double BezelDouble Bezel Studs 18WG
     Double Bezel Studs 9WG
     Double Bezel Studs 9YG
   Earring Studs - Pearl CupPearl Cup Studs Plain (light)
   Earring Studs - RegalRegal Studs - 18ct White
     Regal Studs - 18ct Yellow Gold
     Regal Studs - 9ct White Gold
     Regal Studs - 9ct Yellow Gold
   Earring Studs - RuboverRubover Studs
   Earring Studs - Y Studs4 Claw CY Studs
     Earring Studs - 4 Claw Y Stud - 18ct Yellow
     Earring Studs - 4 Claw Y Stud - 9ct Yellow
     Earring Studs - 6 Claw Y Stud - 9ct Yellow
   Hook WiresPlain Hook Wire with Safety
     Plain Hook Wires
   Keyhole Ear ClipKeyhole Ear Clips
   Lever Back Ear HooksPlain
   Straight EarscrewsStraight Earscrews
   ZulusZulu Hook Wires
 End Tags (Finals)End Tags (Finals)
 Gold and Silver LeafGold Foil for Keum Boo 23.5 Ct
     Gold Leaf
     Goldleaf Glue 75ml (Gold Size)
     Goldleaf Transfer
     Silver Foil
     Silver Leaf
 Head PinsEye Pins
     Head Pins
 Jump Rings and Split Rings9ct Yellow Jump Rings
     Link Locks
     Sterling Silver Jump Rings
 New Findings    
 Padlocks9ct Pink Flat Padlock
     9ct Yellow Flat Padlock
     Puff Padlocks
     Sterling Silver Flat Padlock
     Sterling Sliver Filagree Padlock
 Pendant FittingsRegal Pendant Drops
 Ring ClipsRing Clips
 Safety ChainSafety Chain
     Safety Chain with Pin
 SettingsRing Settings - 20022002 Settings - 4 Claw
     2002 Settings - 6 Claw
   Ring Settings - 6 Claw CurveCurve Settings
   Ring Settings - BRing Settings - B - 18ct White
     Ring Settings - B - 9ct White
   Ring Settings - F SettingsF Settings
   Ring Settings - MattheyMatthey Setting
   Ring Settings - PillarLong Pillar Settings
     Pillar Settings - 9ct White
     Pillar Settings - 9ct Yellow
   Ring Settings - RegalRegal Settings
   Ring Settings - RexBezels
     Rex Settings 6
   Ring Settings - TRing Settings - T - 18ct White
     Ring Settings - T - 9ct White
   Ring Settings - VeeVee Settings
   Ring Settings - WineWine Settings 18ct White
     Wine Settings 9ct White
   Ring Settings - WireWire Settings 18ct White
     Wire Settings 9ct White
   Ring Settings - YRing Settings - Y - 9ct White
 Sovereign MountsSovereign Mounts
 T-Bars & Albert Swivels18ct Yellow Albert Swivel
     9ct Pink Albert Swivels
     9ct Pink T-Bar
     9ct Yellow Albert Swivels
     9ct Yellow T-Bar
     Sterling Silver Albert Swivel
     Sterling Silver T-Bar
 Tables and DataDiamond Weight Estimator  
Finished JewelleryBanglesAll Patterned Bangles
     All Plain Bangles
     Diamond Bangles
 BraceletsBelcher BraceletsBelcher Bracelets
   Bracelets ClaspsClasps
   Cable BraceletsCable
   Cable/Curb with Inserts BraceletsCable/Curb with Inserts
   Crossover BraceletsCrossover
   Curb BraceletsCurb
   Diamond BraceletsDiamond Bracelets
   Fancy BraceletsFancy
   Filagree link BraceletsFilagree link
   Flower BraceletsFlower
   New Release BraceletsNew Release Bracelets
   Rollercurb BraceletsRollercurb
   Silver and Gold braceletsSilver and Gold bracelets
   Swiss Cross BraceletsSwiss Cross
   Tulip & Cobra BraceletsTulip & Cobra
   U link & Stirrup BraceletsU link & Stirrup
 EarringsCZ HuggiesCZ Huggies
   CZ StudsCZ Studs
   Diamond HuggiesDiamond Huggies
   Diamond StudsDiamond Studs
   Drop EarringsDrop Studs
     Hook Earrings
   Fancy HoopsFancy Hoops
   Fancy HuggiesFancy Huggies
   Fancy StudsFancy Studs
   Gemstone EarringsGemstone drop Earrings
     Gemstone Studs
   Plain HoopsPlain Hoops
   Plain HuggiesPlain Huggies
   Plain StudsPlain Studs
   Stud Earrings  
   Twist HoopsTwist Hoops
 PendantsCZ PendantsCZ Pendants
   Diamond PendantsDiamond Pendants
   Gemstone PendantsGemstone Pendants
   Plain PendantsPendants
   Religious PendantsReligious Pendants
 RingsCZ RingsCZ Rings
   Diamond ringsDiamond rings
   Gemstone RingsGemstone and Diamond Rings
 Sale SectionEarrings  
 Sovereign Ring & Pendant mountsSovereign Pendant MountsSovereign Pendant Mounts
   Sovereign Ring MountsSovereign Ring Mounts
 Sterling SilverEarringsCZ Huggies
     CZ Studs
     Drop Earrings
     Fancy Hoops
     Fancy Studs
     Plain Hoops
     Plain Huggies
     Plain Studs
     Twist Hoops
 Wedding RingsClassicComfort Fit
     Flat Fit
     Soft Fit
   Classic OverlaysClassic Overlay Rings
   ContemporaryContemporary Rings
   Diamond SetDiamond Set Rings
   EngravedEngraved Rings
   Latest CollectionNew Wedding Rings
   Multi ToneMulti Tone Rings
   PatternedPatterned Rings
   RussianRussian Rings
   SpinSpin Rings
   Split RingsSplit Rings
   Tablet RingsTablet Ring
Tools & EquipmentAbrasivesAssorted Abrasives and Accessories3M Feathering Disc Adhesive Type 2
   Assorted Miniature MandrelsEconomy Miniature Mandrels
     Mandrel for 2mm Polishing Pins
     Mandrel for Cartridge Abrasives
     Mandrel Threaded
     Mandrel w/s/32 Sh- Threaded
     Mini Point Mandrel
     Parallel Split Mandrel
     Sanding Mandrel SS Set of 4
     Screw Top Mandrel
     Screw Top Mandrel Large Head
     Screw Top Mandrel Reinforced
     Snap on Moores Disc Mandrel
     Tapered Split Mandrel
     Threaded Mandrel - Long
     Threaded Mandrel - Short
   Carborundum FilesEmery Stones Economy
   Cratex AbrasivesBrown Bullets
     Brown Cylinders
     Brown Large Knife Edge Wheels
     Brown Large Square Edge Wheels
     Brown Small Knife Edge Wheels
     Brown Small Square Edge Wheels
     Green Bullets
     Green Cylinders
     Green Large Knife Edge Wheels
     Green Large Square Edge Wheels
     Green Small Knife Edge Wheels
     Green Small Square Edge Wheels
     Grey Bullets
     Grey Cylinders
     Grey Large Knife Edge Wheels
     Grey Large Square Edge Wheels
     Grey Small Knife Edge Wheels
     Grey Small Square Edge Wheels
     Knife Edge Wheels
     Mini Cratex Points
     Pumitex Square Edge Wheels
     Red Bullets
     Red Cylinders
     Red Large Knife Edge Wheels
     Red Large Square Edge Wheels
     Red Small Knife Edge Wheels
     Red Small Square Edge Wheels
     Square Edge Wheels
   Deburring and Satin Finish Wheels3M Deburrring Wheel Hub White
     3M Scotch-Brite Flexi Wheel
     3M Scotchbrite Light Deburring Wheels
     HP Wheel
     Satin Finish Buffs
     Satin Finish Wheel 3" x 3/4"
   Diamond WheelsDiamond Disk 3/4"
     Diamond Wheels
   Emery Flap WheelsEmery Flap Wheels
   Emery Paper3M 734 25 Paper Sheets. Wet Or Dry.
     3M 734 Paper Sheets. Wet Or Dry.
     3M Wet Or Dry Polishing Paper
     Fine Emery Paper
     Norton No-Fil A239 Paper
     Norton No-Fil Adalox A275 Paper
     Norton Waterproof Emery Paper
     Tarni-Shield Strips
   Emery SticksEmery Sticks
     Half Round Sanding Emery Stick Eurotool Set of 6
   Garryflex BlocksGarryflex Blocks
   Hard Arkansas StonesBench Stones
   India StoneCombination Bench Stones
   Mizzy Heatless Grinding WheelsMIZZY HEATLESS GRINDING WHEELS
   Moores Sanding DiscsMoore's Sanding Disks
     New Stock Moores Discs
   Mounted AbrasivesMounted Porcelain Abrasives
   No-Lap BandsExtra-Large 3/4" No-Lap Bands
     Large 1/2" No-Lap Bands
     Mandrels for No-Lap Bands
     Medium 3/8" No-Lap Bands
     Small 1/4" No-Lap Bands
   Polishing PinsPolishing Pins 2mm
     Polishing Pins 3mm
   Powdered AbrasivesPowdered Abrasives
   Pumice and Other WheelsUnmounted Pumice Wheels
     Unmounted Square Edge 22 x 3mm Brown Medium
   Radial Bristle Disc3M 1 Micron Light Green Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 120 Grit White Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 220 Grit Red Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 36 Grit Brown Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 400 Grit Blue Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 50 Grit Dark Green Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 6 Micron Peach Radial Bristle Disc
     3M 80 Grit Yellow Radial Bristle Disc
     3M Pumice Grit Pink Radial Bristle Disc
     3M Radial Bristle Disc Kit
     3M Radial Bristle Discs 25mm
     3M Radial Bristle Discs 19 mm
     3M Radial Bristle Discs 76mm
     3M Radial Discs Spindle Adapter for 3" Discs
     3M Spindle Adaptor
     Eve Flex Twists
   Ruby Stone AbrasivesRUBY STONE ABRASIVES
   Sanding Sponges3M Softback Sanding Sponges
     Sanding Sponges
   Santaper Sticks & Belts  
     Santaper Belts
     Santaper Sticks (Sold Individually)
   Shells - SangersShells Sangers
     Wooden 6" Ring Mandrel - Inside Rings
   Silicon Carbide Separating Discs and Cut-Off WheelsSilicon Carbide Separating Disks
     Unmounted Cut-Off Wheels
   Silicone Rubber AbrasivesBlue Miracle Wheel
     Hard Blue Wheels
     Mounted Abrasives
     Mounted Diamond Impregnated Polishers
     Silicon Carbide Bullets
     Silicon Carbide Cylinders
     Silicon Carbide Flexi Wheels
     Silicon Carbide Knife Edge Wheel
     Silicon Carbide Square Edge Wheels
     Silicone Polisher Assorted 12 pcs
   Slurry Coated StripsSlurry Coated Strips
   Wooden Ring MandrelsEconomy Wooden Mandrel 6" for Rings
     Economy Wooden Ring Mandrel
     Wooden 9" Ring Mandrel - Inside Rings
   Wooden Split MandrelsWooden Split Mandrels
 AdhesivesG-S Hypo Cement
     GS Hypo (Fabric) Cement
     Super Glue 2gm Tube Pkt 5
     Super Glue Pen
     Vigor Super Glue
     Vigor® Jewler's Epoxy
 Anvils & StakesBench Block Eco Steel
     Fretz Anvils
     Fretz Stakes and Holder
     Horn Anvil
     Horn Anvil On Base
     Jumbo Anvil on Removable Base
     Large Horn Anvil
     Mini Anvil
     Round Anvil on Blue Base
     Rubber Bench Block
     Steel Bench Blocks
 BeadingBeading Trays and BoardsBead Board Flock 8 Sizes With Cover
     Bead Board Flock Velvet 9" x 12"
     Bead Board Flocked with Cover
     Bead Trays
     Parts Trays Aluminium
   Brooch Backs and CufflinkBrooch Backs
     Plated Cuff Link
   Cords, Wires, Thread and NeedlesBeadalon 19 bead stringing wire
     Beadalon 49 Strand
     Beadalon 7 bead stringing wire
     Beadalon Wildfire
     Cotton Cord
     French Wire
     Griffin Bead Cord
     Hemp Cord
     Jewellery Tube
     Leather Cords
     Rubber Cord
     Silver Plated Chain pkt 12
     Soft Flex Wire
     Supreme Waxed Cotton
   Crimps and Crimping ToolsBead
     Budcrimp Bead Buddy 1 Step Crimper
     Crimp Beads
     Crimp Tubes - Assorted Packs
     Micro Bead Crimping Pliers
     Mighty Crimper Bead Crimping Pliers
     Pliers - Bead Crimping
     Pliers Crimp Forming
   Diamond Beading ReamersDiamond Beading Reamer 4 pc set
     Large Diamond Reamer
   Easy KnottingE-z knotting tool
   Glass Bead Making KitFireworks Beginner's Essentials Glass Beadmaking Kit
   Jumpring and Earwire Making and Jigs7 Pc Mandrel Set - Assorted Shapes
     Bead Buddy 1 Step Earwire Maker
     Centlite Centaur Lite Wig Jig
     Coil Holding / Cutting Kit
     Easy Ear Wire
     EZ Coiler Pro Deluxe Kit 9 Pc Mandrel Set
     EZ Jumpring kit
     Jiffy Jump Ring Tool
     Jump Ringer Maker
     Jumpringer Coil Holder Cutting Attachment
     Mandrel - 3 Step Oval
     Mandrel 5-Step Set of 2
     Mandrel Set - 3 Step Oval and 5 Step Round
     Mandrel Set - Micro Mini Mandrels
     Mandrels - 5 Step Round Large and Small
     Mr Twister Coiler
     Quick Coiler Set
     Stainless Steel Earwires
     Thing-A-Ma JIG kits
     Wig Jig
     Wire Bender
     Wire Wrapping Mandrels Set of 2
   Kumihimo Braiding Disk/PlatesKumihimo Braiding Disk Large
     Kumihimo Braiding Disk Small
     Kumihimo Braiding Plate
     Thick Kumihimo Disk
   Miscellaneous Beading Tools100% Natural Beeswax
     Bead Shears
     Bead Tweezer
     Beaders Tool Sets
     Beading AWL
     Beading Awl Stainless Steel
     Beading Awl wooden Handle
     Knotting Tweezers
     Knotting Tweezers
     Pattern AA
     Peer® Pearl Holding Tweezers
     Plooper 1 Step Looper
     Round your Wire Tool w/ 1.8mm Cup Bur
     Sharp Point Bead Stringing Scissors
     Steel Bench Block
     Steel Scratch Brush With Wood Handle
     Synthetic Beeswax
     Wood Holder for Beads
   Rivet Tools, Rivets and EyeletsEyelets
     EZ-Rivet Piercing & Setting Tool
     Hollow Eyelets
     Hollow Rivets
 Benches & Bench AccessoriesBench PinsBench Peg - Millenium
     Bench Peg - Studioflux
     Bench Pin For Ring Clamp
     Bench Pin In Screw attached Metal Holder
     Bench Pin Kit
     Bench Pin with slot for Anvil Combo
     Bench Pin with V-Slot
     Bench Pins For Rings
     Combination Bench Pin And Anvil
     Economy Bench Pins
     Fancy bench pin and clamp
     Studio Flux Bench Pin with C Clamp
     V-Slot Board And Clamp
     Wood Bench Pins
   Tool HoldersBench Apron
     Bur File Plier Holder with Drawer
     Canvas File Pouch - 12 Compartments
     Flat Bur Stand
     Rotating Bur And Tool Organiser
     Rotating Bur Organizer
     Wood Tool Organizer
     Wooden Bur Boxes
     Wooden Plier Stand 8 Hole Large
     Wooden Plier Stand for 3 Pliers
     Wooden Plier Stand for 6 Pliers (12 Holes)
     Wooden Plier Stand for 8 Pliers (16 Holes)
   WorkbenchesDurston Goldsmith Work Bench
     Durston Professional workbench.
     Student Bench
     Workbench Stool
   Workbenches AccessoriesAluminium Parts Tray - Triangular
     Ergonomic Arm Rest
     Filing Shovel
     Lemel Scoop
     Magnetic Bur Stand Plastic
     Photography Box Acyllic
 Books1000 Glass Beads
     500 Earrings
     500 Gemstone Jewels
     500 Necklaces
     ADVANCED BEADWORK by Ruth F. Poris
     Art of Diamond Setting Vol 1
     Art of Jewelry: Plastic and Resin
     Art of Resin Jewellery
     Basic Metal Jewelry Techniques: A Masterclass
     BASIC WAX MODELING - An Adventure in Creativity by Hiroshi Tsuyuki
     Bead Fantasies
     Bead Fantasies II - More Beautiful Easy-to-Make Jewelry
     BEAD SETTING DIAMONDS with Pavé Applications by Robert R. Wooding
     Beading with World Beads
     Chain Making "Link By Link"
     CHANNEL SETTING DIAMONDS by Robert R. Wooding
     Chasing and Repousse
     Chasing and Repousse
     Complete Jewellery
     Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition
     Creative Metal
     Creative Silver Chains
     Crystal Energy: 150 Ways to Bring Success, Love, Health, and Harmony Into Your Life - Lambert, Mary
     CUSTOM KNIFEMAKING by Tim McCreight
     Encyclopedia Contemporary Jewelry-Making Tech by Vannette Seecharran
     Findings And Finishings
     Findings and Finishings
     Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide
     Gem Identification Made Easy
     Gemsstones of the World 5TH EDITION
     Gemstone Settings by Anastasia Young
     GEMSTONES of the WORLD by Walter Schumann
     Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry
     How to Repair Jewellery
     Introduction to Glass Fusing
     Introduction To Precious Metals
     JEWELER'S RESOURCE - A Reference of Gems, Metals, Formulas, and Terminology for Jewelers by Bruce Knuth
     Jewelry Lab - M Manley
     JEWELRY MAKING by Murray Bovin
     MAKING METAL JEWELRY: Projects, Techniques, Inspiration By Joanna L. Gollberg
     MAKING SILVER CHAINS by Glen F. Waszek
     Metal Artist's Workbench
     Metal Clay in a Day
     Metal Corrugation
     Metal Crafting Workshop
     Metal Embossing Workshop
     Metal Jewellery Made Easy
     Minerals Of The World
     Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop
     Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts
     Mother-Of-Pearl Jewellery
     PEARL and BEAD STRINGING with HENRIETTA by Henrietta Virchick
     Practical Clock Repairing
     Practical Goldsmith - Palladium
     Practical Watch Repairing
     PRACTICAL WAX MODELING Advanced Techniques for the Wax Modeler by Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba
     PRATICAL JEWELRY MAKING by Loosli/Merz/Schaffner
     Prefab Jewelry
     Push Jewelry 30 Artist
     Repairing Old Clocks And Watches
     Ring Repair
     Ring Repair
     Setting Repair
     Sherri Haab Jewellery Inspirations
     Showcase 500 rings
     Silver Soldering Simplified
     SILVERSMITHING and ART METAL by Murray Bovin
     Simple Beginnings Soldering Jewelry
     Soldering Made Simple
     Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop
     The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry
     The Art of Jewelry Making: Classic & Original Designs
     The Complete Book Of Glass Beadmaking
     The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beading Illustrated
     The Complete Jewellery Making Course
     The Encyclopedia of Beading Techniques
     The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-making Techniques
     The Flexible Shaft Machine
     The New Jewelry: Contemporary Materials & Techniques
     THE PEARL BUYING GUIDE by Renée Newman, GG, MA
     The Penland Book of Jewelry
     The Portable Crafter: Beading
     The Theory & Practice of Goldsmithing
     The Ultimate Jeweler's Guide
     The WorkBench Guide To Jewellery Techniques
     Tiaras how to make with beads and wire
     Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: A Workshop in Painting with Fire
     Vintage Jewellery Sourcebook by Caroline Cox
     Wire Jewelry in an Afternoon
     Woven Wire Jewelry
 BrushesFlux BrushesFlux Brushes With Wood Handles
   Hand Scratch BrushesDouble-Sided Brass Scratch Brush
     Glass Bristle Sratch Brush
     Large Brass Scratch Brush With Wood Handle
     Pen Style Cleaning/Scratch Brush
     Small Brass Brush
     Steel Scratch Brush For Cleaning Burs
     Steel Scratch Brush With Wood Handle
   Lathe and Wheel BrushesCrimped Brass Wire Brushes
     Crimped Steel Finish Brush
     Lathe Brush
     Metal Lathe Brushes On Steel Hubs
     Moulded Plastic Centre 2 Row Brush
     Moulded Plastic Centre 3 Row Brush
     Moulded Plastic Centre Brush
     Plastic Centre Brushes
     Plastic centred brushes
     Straight Brasswire Brushes
     Straight Steel Wire Brushes
     Wheel Scratch Brushes
     Wooden Hub Brushes
   Miniature Brushes for Rotary Handpieces19mm Bristle Brushes On Mandrels
     22mm Bristle Brushes On Mandrels
     25mm Bristle Brushes On Mandrels
     Brass Brushes On Mandrels
     Brass End Brush On 2.4mm Mandrel
     Cotton Polishing Buff Pom Pom
     Cup Brush
     End Brushes
     Steel Brushes On Mandrels
     Steel End Brush
     UK Bristle Brushes On Mandrels
     Unmounted Wheels
   Plastic HubWheel Brushes  
   Washout and General Cleaning Hand BrushesGeneral Cleaning Brushes
     Office Equipment Cleaning Brush
     Plastic Handle Washout Brushes
   Whack Whack Satin Finishing WheelsMinimat Texturing Brushes
     Whack Whack Style Satin Finishing Wheels
   Wheel Scratch Brushes  
   Wooden Hub Wheel Brushes  
 Buffs & FeltsBerry BuffsBERRY BUFFS
   Blue Muslin BuffsBlue Muslin Buffs
   Blue Romanoff BuffRomanoff Blue Buffs
   Buff AccessoriesBuff Rake
     Buff Rake Wooden
     Reflex Buff Unstitched
   Hand BuffsChamois Hand Buffs
     Felt Hand Buffs
   Large Felts - Solid Felt Ring BuffsEconomy Felt Wheels
     Felt Combination Buffs
     Felt for Bracelets
     Felt Inside Ring Buffs
     Large Pointed Felt Cones
     Large Round Felt Cones
     Solid Felt Ring Buffs
     Solid Felt Wheel Buffs
   Miniature Buffs and FeltsBrush Cut Cotton Gamma - (Pom Pom)
     Cotton Polishing Buff Pom Pom Soft
     Felt Polisher - Cylinder Extra Hard
     Mini-Muslin Buffs
     Miniature Buff Assortment
     Miniature Knife Edge Solid Felt Buffs
     Miniature Pointed Felt Cones
     Miniature Satin Finish Buffs
     Miniature Square Edge Felt Wheels
     Mounted Chamois Miniature Buff, 1" Diameter
     Mounted Felt Soft 3 Ply
     Mounted Felt Wheel
     Mounted Felts TPF series
     Mounted Hard Felt Knife Edge Wheel
     Mounted Midget Felt Buffs
     Satin Buffs
   Muslin BuffsBuff 5" x 50 Ply (I logo)
     Buff Finex 7" x 50 Ply Stitched
     Buff White 6" x 100 ECO
     Combed Finex Muslin Buff with Shellac Center
     Eco Buff White 6" x 60
     Special Shape Muslin Buffs
     Stitched Finex Muslin Buffs With Leather Centers
     Unstitched Finex Muslin Buffs With Leather Centres
     White Muslin Buff-Sitched 6" x 60 ply
   Orange BuffsOrange Buffs
     Yellow Muslin Buffs
   Yellow BuffsAssorted Yellow Buffs
     Chemkote Knife Edge Buffs
     Chemkote Yellow Buffs
 Burs and Drillbits123 Tungsten CarbideROUND (123)
   124 Tungsten CarbideINVERTED CONE (124)
   128 Tungsten CarbideTungsten Carbide Cylinder (128)
   129 Tungsten CarbideCYLINDER 2. (129)
   130 Tungsten CarbideCONE 1. (130)
   136 Tungsten CarbideCYLINDER 3. (136)
   138 Tungsten CarbideTungsten Carbide Cone (138)
   23 Steel Round Burs23 Round Bur Set
     Round (23)
   24 Steel Cone BursCone Inverted (24)
   26 Steel Cylinder BursCylinder (26)
   30 Steel Cone BursCone (30)
   31 Steel Cone BursCone (31)
   34 Steel Cylinder BursCylinder (34)
   35 Cylinder Pointed BursPointed (35)
   38 Steel Cone BursCONE (38)
   45 Wheel BurWheel (45)
   52 Wax BurWax Bur 1. (52)
   58 and 77 Steel Twist DrillTwist Drill (58 PM)
     Twist Drill (77)
     Twist Drill Set 0.5mm to 2.3mm
   7878 Burs
   79 Egg Steel Bur79 Egg Steel Bur
   80 Steel Pear Bur80 Steel Pear Bur
   8282 Burs
   A Steel Round BursROUND (A)
   Bur AccessoriesBees Wax in Blister Pack
     Beeswax 1 Oz
     Bur And Blade Lubricant
     Grobet Usa Bur Gauge
   Burnisher BursBusch Riveter Bur
   Busch Small Round BursBusch Round Bur
   CC Slotted Cup BurCC Slotted Cup Bur
   Diamond Burs and Sets20 Piece Diamond Bur Set
     Diamond Coated Core Drills (3mm Shank)
     Diamond Drills
     Round Diamond Burs
   FK Steel Krause BursKrause (FK)
   G and 64 Steel Flame BursFlame (64)
     Flame (G)
   H Bearing Cutter 120°Bearing Cutter 120° (H)
   HB Bearing Cutter 70°70° Bearing Cutter - Obsolete Stock
     Bearing Cutter 70° (HB)
   HD Bearing Cutter 90°Bearing Cutter 90° (HD)
   HH Steel Lens BursLens (HH)
   KK Wheel BurWheel KK
   N 30° Steel Cone BursCone 30° (N)
   NNf 45° Steel Cone BursCone 45° (NN F)
   NNr 45° Steel Cone BursCone 45° (NN R)
   O 60° Steel Cone BursCone 60° (O)
   P 90° Steel Cone BursCone 90° (P)
   Porosity KillerPorosity Killer
   Q Steel Setting BursSetting Bur Set
     Steel Setting Burs
   R Steel Cylinder Bur / Barrel BurCylinder (R)
   RR Steel Cylinder Bur / Barrel Bur (Short)Cylinder (RR)
   S Steel Cup BursBur Steel Cup Set
     Cup Bur (S)
   Steel Long Bud BursLong Bud (82)
   Straight Shanked Twist DrillsHSS straight drill bits
   Tungsten Twist DrillTwist Drill (58MD)
   Wax-Burs SetsDetailers Wax Bur Kit - 6 Pc
   Z Steel Bud BursBud (Z)
 CastingCastaldo® Mold RubberCastaldo Gelato
     Castaldo LiquaFast ICE transparent RTV silicone
     Castaldo VLT Silicone Rubber
     Castaldo® Gold Label Mold Rubber In Strips
     Castaldo® Mold Rubber In Rolls
     Castaldo® No shrink Pink Rubber In Strips
     Castaldo® Quick-Sil® RTV Molding Rubber
   Casting Flasks and Sprue BasesCasting Rings
     Rubber Sprue Bases
     Stainless casting flasks
   Crucibles, Holders and Crucible tongs20 inch stainless steel crucible tongs
     Adjustable Round Crucible Tongs LRG
     Casting Machine Crucibles
     Centrifugal Casting Machine Crucibles
     Ceramic Crucible
     Ceramic Refactory Crucibles
     Crucible Dish - Regal
     Crucible Handle W/ Two Crucibles
     Crucible Holder
     Crucible Holder
     Crucible Holding Plier
     Crucible Square Holder Adjustable
     Crucible Tong Holder
     Flask Tong
     Fused Silica Crucibles
     Fused Silica Melting Block
     Graphite Liner Galloni 3016
     High Back Crucible
     Jumbo Whip Melting Dish Holder
     Long Neck Tong
     Melting Crucible
     Melting Dish
     Melting Dish Handle
     Morgan Brand Crucibles
     Small Melting Dish Holder
     Square Crucibles
     Tongs 19"
     Tongs Bent Crucible
     Tongs Crucible & Flask 19"
     Tongs Crucible/Flask Short Neck S/S
   Grobet USA VulcanizerGrobet Usa Vulcanizer
   Ingot MoldsAdjustable Plate Mould
     Economy Ingot Mold
     Italian Ingot Molds For Wire & Plate
     Machined Italian Ingot Molds For Wire
     Multi Shape Adjustable Ingot Mould, 6 hole Durston
     Reversible Ingot Mold
     Round and Half Round Ingot Mould
   InvestingRubber Mixing Bowls
   Liquid Mold RubberLiquid Mold Rubber
   Melting AccessoriesCarbon Stirring Rod
     Cuttlefish Bone
     Nu Cast - Re Cast It
     Pro-Craft® Mold Parting Powder
     Quartz Stirring Rod
   Melting FurnacesCrucibles for ElectroMelt Furnaces
     Electric Furnace Electromelt
     Graphite Crucible for Electric Furnace
   Melting LadleMelting Ladle
     Melting Ladle With Wood Handle
   Mold & Margin Trimming KnivesBench Knife
     Economy Plastic Scalpel Handle
     Knife Soft Grip
     Lightweight Knife With Three Blades
     Mascot Precision Knife Set
     Replacement Swann-Morton Knife Blades
     Scapel Handle Deluxe
     Swann-Morton Scalpel Handles
   Mold FramesMold Frames
   Mould Release - Silicon Spray  
   Sand and Clay CastingCasting Rings
     Delft Clay
     Economy Casting Clay
 Cleaners, Cleaning Cloths & SuppliesAssorted Cleaning SolutionsElectro-Cleaner
     Ellanar Instant Cleaning Dip - 16oz
     Mersol Ultasonic Soap
   Bench DusterSoft Bench Duster
   Cleaning BasketsCleaning Basket 65mm Large
     Economy Ultrasonic Baskets
     Nylon Ultrasonic Basket
     Small Parts Cleaning Basket
     Ultrasonic Basket long handle 100% Nylon
   Cleaning ClothsConnoisseurs® UltraSoft® GOLD Jewelry Polishing Cloth
     Connoisseurs® UltraSoft® SILVER Jewelry Polishing Cloth
     Microfiber All-Purpose Multi-Surface Cloth
     Shine Rite Polish Pad 2 Pkt 10
     Stella Ultrasoft Polishing Cloth
   Cleaning RacksBeaker Holder
     Cleaning Racks
     Ultrasonic Hook And Bar Racks
     Ultrasonic Rack - 8 Ring
     Ultrasonic Racks
   Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning ProductsConnoisseurs Dazzle Drops Jewellery Cleaner
     Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Silver Cleaner
     Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner
     Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes
     Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner
     Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleanser
     Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Cleaner
     Connoisseurs Silver Wipes Disposable 10 pack
   Elma Ultrasonics  
     Elma Easy series
     S Series
   Glass Bead BlasterRomanoff Ez Sand Blaster
   Inspection GlovesPure White Cotton Gloves
   L & R Watch and Clock Cleaning & Rinsing SolutionsL & R #111 Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution
     L & R #3 Watch Rinsing Solution
     L & R #566 Ultrasonic Non-Ammoniated Watch Cleaning Solution
     L & R #677 Ultrasonic Non-Ammoniated Clock Cleaning Solution
     L & R Clock-Cleaning Solution Concentrate
     L & R Duo-Lube #1 & #2 Watch Lubricant
     L & R Extra Fine Watch Cleaning Solution
     L & R Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution
   Selvyt ClothsSelvyt Cloth Size A
     Selvyt Cloth Size B
   SoftShine Polishing ClothsSmall SoftShine Cloth
     Softshine Cloth
   Speed Brite Ionic CleanersGem Sparkle® Solution Concentrate
     Gem Sparkle® Solution Dry Mixxes
     Ionic cleaner Spare Parts
     Rectangle Shop Model Kit (309Sb Turbo)
     Round Counter Model Kit (200Sb Turbo)
   Steam Cleaner Tweezers & HemostatsGrobet Usa Coated Steam Tweezers
     Grobet Usa Hemostats
     Steam Cleaning Tongs
   Steam CleanersElma 3000 Steam Cleaner
     Elmasteam 8
     Spare o-ring for steam cleaner fill cap
 Copper, Brass and Steel WireBrass Wire
     Copper Wire Bezel
     Copper Wire Half Round - Hard
     Non-precious Gallery Wires
     Red Brass Round Wire - DEAD SOFT
     Red Brass Square Wire - DEAD SOFT
     Round Copper Wire - DEAD SOFT
     Square Copper Wire - DEAD SOFT
     Stainless Steel Half Round Wire
     Stainless Steel Round Wire
     Wire Assortment
 Diamond SuppliesAssorted ToolsAntwerp Style Diamond Parcel Paper - Watermarked
     Diamond Sieves
     Diamond Template
     Diamond Wallet
     Genuine Leather Parcel Paper Box With Zipper
     Jewelry Pins
     Prong Setting Displays For Diamonds
     Shovels With Handles
     Stone Paper Leather Wallet
   EnvelopesJewelry Repair Envelopes
   Sink TrapsMajic Drain
     Sink Trap
   Stone TraysBlack Gem Tray For Diamonds
     White Gem Tray For Coloured Stones
 Engraving Equipment & SuppliesAssorted Engraving Equipment and SuppliesChinese White
   Diamond Hones and SharpenersECONOMY SQUARE GRAVER SHARPENER
   Engravers Block and ToolsEngravers Block Spherical # 36
     Tools for Engravers Block
   Graver HandlesGourd
     Half Head
     Half Head Mushroom - Unvarnished
     Mushroom - Unvarnished
     Round And Oval - Unvarnished
     Vase And Gourd - Unvarnished
   Inside Ring EngraverInside Ring Engraver
   ScribersCarbide Tipped Scriber
     General Pocket Scriber
     Scriber - Tungsten Tip
     US Carbide Scriber without Magnet
   Vallorbe High Speed & Tool Steel Gravers  
     Bevel Gravers
     Flat Gravers
     Knife Gravers
     Lozenge Gravers
     Onglette Gravers
     Oval Gravers
     Round Gravers
     Shading Tool
     Square Gravers
 FilesDiamond FilesDiamond File Set of 5 160mm
     Five Piece Diamond Needle File Set.
     Ten Piece Diamond Mini Needle File Set.
   File CardFile Card
     Wooden Handled File Card
   File Handles4" Mini Needle File Handle
     Blue Anodized Needle File Handle
     Colibri Needle File Handle
     Plastic File Handles
     Plastic File Handles For Grobet Swiss American Pattern Files
     Plastic File Handles With Metal Insert
     Wood File Handles
   File Sets  
     10 piece needle file set
     12 piece needle file set
     3pc Needle File Set
     Beadsmith Ergo File 5 File Set
     BeadSmith Needle File Set Miniature
     Economy Needle File Set Of 6
     Economy Needle File Sets
     File Vintaj # 2 Cut
     Key Files 6 pc Set
     Mini Needlefile Set 12pc 4"
     Needle Files, Set Of 6
     Student File Set
     Vallorbe Swiss Needle Files (Set Of 12)
     Vallorbe Swiss Needle Files (Set Of 6)
   Flexi FilesFlexi Files
   Habilis and Steel Handle Files  
     German Steel Handle Half Round Files
     Habilis File Set Of 5
     Habilis Files Individual
     Habilis Rasps Set Of 5
     Handle For Habilis Rifflers
   Jointing FilesJoint Round Edge
   Precision Bench Files  
     Barrette Bench Files
     Economy Half-Round Ring
     Flat Thin
     Half-Round Ring
     Thin Pillar File
     Three Square Narrow
     Three-Square Slim
   Precision Needle Files  
     Barrette Files
     Equaling / Flat Files
     Extra Slim Round Files
     Knife Files
     Oval Files
     Pillar Round Edge Files
     Round Files
     Square Files
     Three Square Files (Triangle files)
     Warding Files
   Riffler Files  
     Eurotool Riffler file set
     Precision Rifler Files
   Vallorbe Escapement FilesVallorbe Barrette 3 side cut Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Barrette Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Barrette Parallel Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Crossing Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Dove Tail Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Equalling Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Half round Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Pillar Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Round Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Round off Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Rucken Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Square Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Three Square Escapement Files
     Vallorbe Warding Escapement Files
   Wax Files and Wax Rasps6pc Wax set
     Wax File Double Ended 8" Eco
     Wax Rasp set of 6 140mm
 Flexible Shafts, Handpieces, Accessories and Spare PartsAccessoriesAdjustable Flex Shaft Holder
     Chuck Key Handle
     Chuck Key Handle
     Clamp on Motor Stand
     Cut Lube
     Double Motor Stand
     Drill Press Stand
     Foredom Drill Press Dp 30
     Foredom Handpiece and Motor Oiler
     Foredom Replacement Tip Kit Set of 6
     Handpiece Oil
     Pro-Cut Lubricant for Drills
   CDG Pendant MotorsCDG Hanging Motors
     Common spare parts for CDG Motors and Handpieces
   Faro Pendant MotorFaro Pendant Motors
   Foredom Pendant MotorsForedom 1/6 Hp Sr Motor And Fct Speed Control
     Foredom Asia Pendant Motor
     Foredom K 2230 Jewellers Kit
     Foredom LX Series Low Speed
     Foredom Shaft & Sheath SJ (euro) adaptor
   Grobet Pendant MotorFootpedal for Grobet Motor
     Grobet Chuck Key
     Grobet Motor Maintenance Kit
     Grobet Pendant Motors With Handpiece
     Inner Cable for Grobet Pendant Motor
     Inner Cable for Grobet Pendant Motor (EURO)
     Sheath for Grobet
     Sheath for Grobet Motor (Euro)
   Hammer Handpieces and PartsCDG Hammer Handpiece
     Faro Hammer Handpiece
     Foredom Hammer Handpiece Tip Anvil Point
     Foredom Hammer Handpiece Tip Ball Nose
     Foredom Hammer Point Asst set of 6
     Foredom No. 15D Handpiece With Duplex Spring
     Foredom No. 15Sj Handpiece Slip Joint
     Spare Point - Hammer handpiece CDG
   Micro MotorsCommon spare parts for Micromotors
     Foredom 1070 Micro Motor Kit
     Foredom Asia Micro Motor
     Foredom K.1020 Micromotor Kit - High Torque Model
     Foredom K.1080 Hammer Micromotor Kit
   Motor Holders  
   Rotary Handpieces and SparesCDG T-30 Handpiece
     Faro Quick Release Handpiece Slip Joint
     Foredom Handpiece Common Replacement Parts
     Foredom No. 10 Duplex Handpiece
     Foredom No. 10 Handpiece
     Foredom No. 28 Handpiece USA
     Foredom No. 28 Sj Handpiece Slip Joint
     Foredom No. 30 Handpiece Usa
     Foredom No. 30 Sj Handpiece Slip Joint
     Foredom No. 52 Handpiece
     Foredom No. 52Sj Handpiece Slip Joint
     Foredom No. 8 Handpiece American Connection
     Foredom No. 8 Handpiece Duplex USA
     Foredom No. 8 Sj Handpiece Slip Joint
     Grobet Jewelers Handpieces
     Quick Change Handpiece
     T/30 Common Replacement Parts
   Spare PartsCarbon brush for CDG 18000 and 25000
     Carbon Brush Foredom Asia
     Foredom Asia FA-2 Foot Pedal Replacement
     Foredom Brush Cap
     Foredom Carbon Brush Old motors (H S old SR)
     Foredom Chuck Key - large handle
     Foredom Flexi-Shaft Grease
     Foredom Foot Control FCH-2
     Foredom Foot Control FCT-2
     Foredom Motor Connector Plastic
     Foredom Trigger Switch
     Replacement Brushes for Current Foredom SR Motors
     Replacement inner cable for Foredom Motors
     Replacement outer cable for Foredom Motors
     Spare Part - Foredom #52 Handpiece Front Collet
     Spare Part - Foredom #52 Handpiece Rear Collet
     Spare Part - Foredom Duplex Slotted Shaft Connector
 Gift VouchersGift Vouchers
 GRS tools and BenchMate SystemsGRS AccessoriesBench Pin Only For Benchmate
     GRS Hand Ring Clamp
   GRS Benchmate SystemsBenchmate Parts
     Fixed Mounting Plate
     GRS Benchmate Bench Pin Kit
     GRS Benchmate Encore Basic
     GRS Benchmate Encore QC: Stone Setter
     GRS Benchmate Encore QCX Basic
     GRS Benchmate soldering Pad Assy
     GRS Mounting Adapter
     GRS Standard Block Shelf
   GRS Books, Videos And DVDs  
   GRS Graver Max and Graver SmithGRS 901 Handpiece QC (SS Knob)
     Grs Graver Max Quick Change (QC) Hammer Handpiece
     Grs GraverSmith Without Handpiece
     Grs System 3
     QC Extra Holders
   GRS Sharpening ToolsGRS Power Hone
     GRS Powerhone wheels
   GRS Solder StationsDouble Third Hand Soldering Station
     Extra Solder Board For Soldering Station
   GRS ThermolockGRS Thermolock
   GRS Work Holding ToolsAttachments For Magnablock
     Attacment Set For Multi-Purpose Vice
     Extra Collet Set For Inside Ring Clamp And Vice
     GRS Inside Ring Clamp
     GRS Inside Ring Vice
     Grs Magnablock
     GRS Microblock With Attachments
     GRS Multi-Purpose Vice
     GRS Ring Clamp Set
     GRS Shellac Pad
     GRS Soldering Tweezers Shape U
     GRS Soldering Tweezers Shape V
 Hammers & MalletsAssorted Hammers and Mallets2 Inch Domed Nylon Hammer
     Boxwood Mallet
     German Nylon Mallet With Ash Handle
     Hammer Brass & Nylon Face
     Hammer Nylon 7/8"
     Hammer Replacement Tip for HM36005
     Hammer Rubber-Plastic.
     Italian Dead Blow
     Italian Pastorino Plexi Mallet
     Mallet Brass Head - Heavy
     Plastic Mallet With Wood Handle
     Rawhide Mallet
     Wedged Nylon Hammer
   Ball Pein HammersEconomy Ball Pein Hammers
     Eurotool Ball Pein Hammer
     Master Quality Ball Pein Hammer
     Small Economy Ball Pein Hammers
   Chaser's HammersChaser's Hammers
     Chasing Hammer 1 1/4" Slightly Domed
     Chasing Hammer 1" with Round Handle
     Chasing Hammer and Steel Block Set
     German Style Chasing Hammers
     Hammer Chasing 1"
     Handles for Chaser's Hammers
   Forging HammersItalian Cross Pein Hammer
     Pastorino Cross Pein Forging Hammer Italy
   Fretz HammersFretz Hammers
   Riverting & Watchmakers HammersHammer Swiss Style
     Hammers For Goldsmith And Jewelers
     Hammers For Watchmakers
     Rivet Hammer - Square face 1/2"
     Small Riveting Hammer-Germany
     Swiss Style Hammer 2.75"
     Swiss Style Jewellers Riviting Hammer
   Silversmiths', Planishing, Embossing & Raising HammersEmbossing Hammer
     Gold Smith Hammer 10" Round/Closed Head
     Goldsmith's Hammer
     Planishing Hammer
     Planishing Hammer - Italian
     Planishing/Forging Hammer - Switzerland
     Raising Hammers
     Silversiths Hammer
     Square End Planishing Hammer
   Texturing HammersCheckered / Wide Stripe
     Cross Hatch / Stars
     Narrow Sharp Stripe / Dimples
     Texturing Hammer - Bullseye
   Tru Strike Embossing HammersEmbossing Hammer- Dome/Rounded, 4- 5/8"
     Embossing Hammer- Domed/Domed, 4 -1/4"
     Embossing Hammer- Domed/Domed, 4 -7/8"
     Forming Hammer- Flat/Domed, 4 1/8"
     Planishing Hammer- Flat/Domed, 4 5/8"
     Raising Hammer- Large, Rectangular, 4-5/8"
     Raising Hammer- Small, Rectangular, 4 -1/2"
 KitsBasic wax carving tool set
     Basic Wax Carving Tool Set Contents
     Beginners tool kit
     Beginners tool kit contents
     Sawframe and Sawblade starter kit
     Sawframe and Sawblade starter kit contents
     Soldering tool kit - Orca Torch
     Soldering tool kit - Orca Torch Contents
     Soldering tool kit - Stingray Torch
     Soldering tool kit - Stingray Torch Contents
 Magnifiers & OpticalAssorted Loupes10X Loupe Chrome Eco
     A * F Eyeglass
     Aluminium Loupe Euro Pro Set
     B & L Double Lens Loupes
     B & L Triple Aplanatic
     Bausch & Lomb Magnifiers
     Bausch & Lomb Site Savers
     Bergeon Loupes
     Economy Watchmakers Loupes
     Eye Glass Double Plastic
     Eye Loupe - Wooden
     Eye Loupe Plastic Set of 5
     Eye Loupes with Gold Bezel
     Fancy Coloured Round Triplet Diamond Loupes
     Foldable Loupe
     Linen Tester Plastic 10 x
     Loupe Hexagonal
     Loupe Hexagonal 18mm 10X
     Loupe Triplet 18mm - 10x Diamond Cut
     Loupe with UV and Light 10x
     Marbelized Loupes
     Plastic Loupe
     Rubber Grip Loupe
     Triple Lens Triplet Loupe
   Bausch & Lomb MagnifiersB & L Pocket Coddingtons
     B & L Pocket Hastings
     B & L Rectangular Reader
   Bench Magnifier3.5" Magnifier Goose Neck
   Eyeglass Holder and Spectacle LoupesClamp-on Magnifier
     Eyeglass Holder
     Grobet Spectacle Loupes
   Head Visor MagnifierHead Visor Magnifier With Light & 4 Lenses
     Led Magnifier with 5 Lenses
     Magnifier W/5 Lenses & Led Light
   OptiVisors, Lenses and AccessoriesAdd On Light For Optivisor
     Optiloupe For Optivisors
     Optivisor Head Set Without Lensplate
     Optivisor Lens Plates
     Optivisor No-Sweat Band
     Quasar LS LED lighting for Optivisors
   Peer® MagnifiersPeer® 10X Triplet Magnifiers
     Peer® 20.5mm - 10X Triplet Loupe
     PEER® Double Lens Folding Pocket Magnifiers
     Peer® Double Lens Folding Pocket Magnifiers
     Peer® Double Lens Loupe
     Peer® Single Lens Loupe
   TelesightsFull Frame Telesight Magnifiers
     Half Frame Telesight Magnifiers
   Vigor® Extra Large Diamond LoupeVigor® Extra Large Diamond Loupe
 MeasuringBangle SizesAdjustable Bangle Sizes
     Bangle Sizes
     Economy Adjustable bangle sizer
     Plastic Bangle Gauge
   Calipers (Vernier, Digital and Dial)A&D Digital Caliper
     Digital Caliper 0-150mm
     Digital Caliper 150mm w Stone Holder
     Economy Stainless Vernier Caliper
     Mini Digital Calipers
   Degree GaugesAdjustable Degree Gauge
     Combination Degree Gauges
     Degree Gauge
     Eco Mini Degree Gauge
     Economy Degree Gauge
     Mini Degree Gauge 100mm - Italian
   Diamond, Stone and Metal GaugesAccurate Diamond Gauge
     Analog Stone/Pearl Gauge
     B & S Wire Gauge
     Bur Gauge
     Jo-Di Diamond Weight Gauge
     Meleemeeter Large Stone Profiler
     Stone Gauge - Accurate Diamond
   DividersDivider 3" standard
     Dividers 6" W/Replaceable Tips
     Dividers With Replaceable Tips
     Heavy Duty Dividers
     Spring Divider No 495 100mm Hardened point
     Starrett Dividers With Round Legs
   Mitutoyo CalipersMitutoyo Dial Caliper - 150mm
     Mitutoyo Digital Callipers - 150mm
     Mitutoyo Digital Plastic Caliper - 150mm
     Mitutoyo Vernier Calliper 150mm
   Presidium Dial GaugePresidium Dial Gauge
   Ring SizingBlue Plastic Ring Sizing Set
     Deluxe Ring Sizing Sets
     Durston PrecisionFit™ Showroom Boxed Ring Sizing Set
     Eco Ring Sizes With Half Sizes
     Elma Ringmeter
     Gold Coloured Plastic Ring Sizing Set
     International Sizing Stick Aluminum
     Metal Ring Stick High Precision Hollow US
     Plastic Finger Gauge
     Plastic Finger Gauge Form
     Plastic Ring Size Set
     Ring Stick A - Z+6 Steel
     Ring Stick Aluminium
     Ring Stick Plated with Half Sizes
     Ring Stick with size insert
     Wedding Ring Gauge Set in Box H-Z+6 7mm
     Wedding Ring Sizes
     Wheatsheaf Alumimium Ring Sticks
     Wheatsheaf Finger Sizes A-Z+6
     Wheatsheaf Finger Sizes A-Z+6 With Half Sizes
     Wheatsheaf Ring Sizes A1/2 - Z1/2+10
     Wheatsheaf Ring Sizing Tools
     Wheatsheaf Ring Stick Stainless Steel
     Wheatsheaf Wide Wedding Ring Sizes H-Z
     Wheatsheaf Wide Wedding Ring Sizes H-Z+6
   Rulers and SquaresRuler
     Square 100mm S/S
     Square 2"
     Steel Ruler 12"
   ScalesAmerican Weigh ME60020
     Calibration Weight
     Digital Tabletop Scale 1000G
     Platinum PRO801, 800g x 0.1g
     Presidium Carat Scales
     Scale 1000g x 0.1g Digiweigh
     Tanita 1479
 Metal Forming & DecoratingBangle MandrelsDurston Bangle Forming Die Set
     Economy Baby Bangle Mandrel
     Economy Bangle Mandrel
     Italian Bangle Mandrels
     Wooden Bangle Mandrels
   Bangle StretcherBangle Stretcher
   Bench Blocks and AccessoriesBench Block Eco Steel 150 x100
     Bench Block Economy
     Bench Block Rubber 4" x 4" x 1"
     Jewellers Steel Bench Block
     Rubber/Steel Bench Block
     Sand Bag - Round 6" Grobet
     Sandbag for Bench Block
     Sandbag Round 8"
     Sandbag Square 6"
     Steel Flat Blocks - Italian
   Bezel BlocksAngle Example
     Italian Bezel Blocks
     Replacement Punches for Italian Bezel Blocks
   Disc Cutting SetsDisc Cutter for 1, 1.25, 1.5 & 2"
     Disc Cutter Oval Set of 7
     Disc Cutter Round w Lever 1/8" - 1" Set
     Disc Cutter Set of 14 3mm - 16mm
     Disc Cutter Set Of 14 In Wooden Box
     Disc Cutter Set of 7 with handle
     Disc/Doming Cutter set 21 pieces
     Eco Disc Cutting Set
     Euro Power Punch Plier Set
     Euro Style Pro Disc Cutter Set
     Italian Disc Cutter 2mm - 18mm
     Large Economy Disc Cutter Set
     Small Economy Disc Cutter Set
   Doming/Dapping Block SetsComplete Cube Dapping Die 2 To 25Mm
     Complete Cube Dapping Die 4 To 55mm
     Complete Flat Dapping Die 2 To 20Mm
     Complete Flat Dapping Die 2 To 32mm
     Complete Grooved Cube
     Complete Multiple Base
     Dapping Punch Set 26 with 70mm Block
     Dapping Punch Set 6 Block X Lg
     Doming Set With 24 Punches
     Doming Set With 8 Punches
     Durston 21+2 (23) Piece Doming Set Including Block And Carry Case
     Durston 24+2 (26) Piece Doming Set Including Block And Carry Case
     Flat Dapping Block Set
     Flat Dapping Die 2 To 32mm
     Forming Bending Block with Mandrel
     Jumbo Dapping Die/Punch Set
     King Dapping Punch Set 3 w/Block
     Oval Dapping Punch Set
     Oval Doming Punch Set
     Swage Black & Punch Set
   Doming/Dapping Blocks and CubesBrass Doming Cube
     Cube Dapping Die 2 To 25mm
     Cube Dapping Die 4 To 45mm
     Dapping Die
     Dapping Die and Design Block
     Doming Block Brass 2.5"
     Flat Dapping Die 2 To 20mm
   Doming/Dapping PunchesIndividual Dapping Punches
     Large Punch Set - 5 Pc with Wooden Stand
   Large Durston Cupola SetLarge Durston Cupola Set
   Necklace Mandrels - BustsEconomy Necklace Mandrel
     Italian Necklace Mandrel - Large
     Italian Necklace Mandrel - Small
   Pitch Bowl and Chasing tool SetsPitch Bowl Parts
     Pitch Bowl Sets
     Pitch Only
     Repousse Tool Set of 15
   Punches and Stamping ToolsAuto Centre Punch
     Automatic Center Punch
     Center Punch
     Centre Punch 4.5" Steel
     Punch For Automatic centring
     Starrett Automatic Center Punch
   Ring and Bezel MandrelsDurston Ring Mandrel
     Economy Bezel Mandrels
     Economy Ring Mandrels
     Ring And Bezel Mandrels
   Ring BenderEconomy Ring Bender (European Style)
     Italian Ring Bender
     Ring Shank Bender - Durston 11 piece set
   Ring Roller StretcherRing Roller Stretcher For Stone Set Rings
   Scribers, Scrapers and BurnishersBurnisher - Dick # 660
     Burnisher And Scraper Tool - German
     Burnisher With Wood Handles
     Carbide Tipped Scriber
     Combination Scriber And Burnisher
     Eco Burnishers
     Eurotool Burnisher
     Scraper Triangular
     Slim Blade Burnishers
     Vallorbe Burniser
   Sinusoidal TribletSinu Triblet
     Sinusoidal Stake Set
   Spoon Stakes Set of Four Shaping ToolsSpoon Stakes Set of Four Shaping Tools
   Swage BlocksComplete Grooved Cube
     Italian Swage Forming Cube
     Large Wooden Swage Block with 5 Nylon Shaping Tools
     Set Swage Block 12 Half Round & Wood Base
     Swage Block with Hammers
     Swage Blocks
     Wooden Swage Block Punches
   Vertical Ring StretcherDurston Ring Stretcher Reducer and Ring Bender
     Italian Vertical Ring Stretcher
   Wooden Forming Tools5 Piece Wooden Doming Punches
     Large Wooden Shaping Block W/2 Depressions
     Wood Dapping Block And Punches
     Wooden Design Cube
     Wooden Doming Blocks
     Wooden Doming Punch Set
     Wooden Dowel Set
 old dvds sectionDVD'sAdvanced Mokume Gane - Chris Ploof
     Beading Basics, Volume 1
     DVD - Basic Jewelry Enameling Torch Fired
     DVD - Carve a Wax Model for a Pendant
     DVD - Introduction to Gemstone Setting
     DVD - Stone on Stone Setting Michael Boyd
     Expert Bezel Forming
     Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making with Susan Lenart Kazmer DVD
     Forming Hollow Rings
     Hand Finishing Jewellery
     How to Photograph Your Jewelry
     Jewellry Hammering & Forming Vol 2
     Jewelry Etching on Copper
     Machine Finishing Jewellery
     Metalsmith Essentials Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming
     Metalsmith Essentials Riveting & Cold Connections
     Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Fabrication with Helen Driggs DVD
     Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming DVD
     Metalsmith Essentials: How to Solder Jewelry DVD
     Metalsmith Essentials: Jewelry Etching on Copper
     Metalsmith Essentials: Riveting & Cold Connections DVD
     Metalsmith Essentials: Setting Stones with Bezels
     Metalwork: Making Bezels for Stones and Found Objects
     Patina Basics by Tim McCreight
     Please Note:
     PMC Basics
     The Complete Metalsmith
     Tri-Cord Knotter Instructional Dvd
 Packaging, Displays, Labels & TagsBoxes and ContainersAnti Tarnish Box Large
     Gem Trays 25 Tubs
     Glass top Containers
     Round Metal Boxes
     Tray with Glass Top Containers
     Wood Box Bur Holder
   Cardboard Display BoxesBracelet Box
     Earring Box (Fancy)
     Necklace Box
     Pendant - Earring Box
     Pendant/Multi Box
     Ring Boxes
   Demonstration RingsDemonstration Rings
   Display Stands, Trays & CasesAluminium Carrying Case
     Basic Black Trays And Cases
     Flocked Plastic Stand Black
     Gemstone Leather Case.
     Leather Case for holding 12 Solitaire Display Boxes
     Leather Case with 12 Large Plastic Solitaire Tins
     Leather Finish Gemstone and Solitaire Display Box
     Ring Display Foam Inserts
     Sold Plugs
     Solid Tray for Foam Inserts and Display Pads
     Stackable Plastic Display Tray for Foam Inserts and Display Pads
     Stone Display 50 - Black
     Stone Display 50 - White
     Velvet Display Pads
   Drawstring PouchesDrawstring Velveteen Pouch
   Jewelery Pins"U" Pins Brass 24MM (Pack/1000)
     "U" Pins Steel 24MM (Pack/1000)
     Jewellery Pins
   Jewellery TagsLarge Long Round Shark-Skin Jewelry Repair And Identification Tags
     Long Round Shark-Skin Jewelry Repair And Identification Tags
     Rectangular Shark-Skin Jewellery Repair And Identification Tags
     Ring Tags
     Round Shark-Skin Jewelry Repair And Identification Tags
     Sterling Silver Stickers
     String Tags
     Zetag Tail Tags H22
   Tabs, Strips and PaperAnti Tarnish Tissue
     Anti-tarnish Paper Strips 2 x 7" Bag 100
     Anti-tarnish Strips 1"X1" BAG 500
     Anti-tarnish Tabs 3m 1x1in
     Diamond Paper Weight
     No-Lint Watch and Jewelers' Tissue
     SHINE RITE Anti-tarnish Strips
     Tissue Cutter
     Vigor Parcel Papers
   Zetags Labelling SystemsZesnap Price cubes
     Zetags D1 Pre-printed P.O.S Display Labels
     Zetags D2 Pre-printed P.O.S Display Labels
     Zetags D3 Pre-printed P.O.S Display Labels
     Zetags Labels and Ribbon Kits
     Zetags Printer
 Pearl EquipmentCenterline Pearl Vise
     Economy Pearl Drilling Machine
     French Pearl Drilling Vise
     Japanese Pearl Drilling Lathe
     Pearl Drilling Blades
     Pearl Drilling Blades
     Pearl Drilling Hand Vice
     Pearl Drilling Vice Jig
     Pearl Holding Tweezers - Plastic Tips
 Plating & ColouringAntique Affect Paint MarkersAntique Affect Paint Markers
   CeramitCeramit Catalyst
     Ceramit Thinners
     Replacement Colours
   ColomalUV Color Colomel
   ElectroCleaning SolutionsClean Earth Acid Activator SS
     Clean Earth Electro-Cleaner
     Sal Hyde Electrocleaner
   Faux French EnamelBuy & Try Combo Tech Faux French Enamel
   ICE Resin, 8 oz. KitIce Resin 8oz Doming Kit
   Image Transfer SystemITS Blank Paper Sets
     ITS Gloss Image Sealer
     ITS Image Transfer Kit
     ITS Image Transfer Solution
     ITS Matte Image Sealer
   Jax® Blackeners and Darkeners SolutionsJax® Black For Copper, Bronze & Brass
     Jax® Aluminium blackener 250ml
     Jax® Brown For Copper, Bronze & Brass
     Jax® Brown/Black For Copper, Bronze & Brass
     Jax® Flemish Gray/Black For Copper, Bronze & Brass
     Jax® Green Patina For Copper, Bronze & Brass
     Jax® Iron, Steel And Nickel Blackener
     Jax® Master Metal Finishing Solutions
     Jax® Pewter Blackner
     Jax® Silver Blackener
   Plating AccessoriesActivated carbon 375g jar
     Asphaltum Varnish
     Beaker Covers
     De-Ionised Water
     Grobet Rhodium Pen Plating Solutions
     Grobet Usa Plating Guide
     Pen Plating Unit - German
     Plating Mask
     Platinised Titanium Mesh Anode
     Pro-Craft® Immersion Thermometer
     Pro-Craft® Lacquer
     Pro-Craft® Lacquer Stripper
     Procraft Anode - Nickel
     Pyrex Beakers
     Stainless Steel Anode
     Clean Earth Ni-Mirror
     Jax Wipe On Silver Plating Solution
   Rectifiers by Grobet USAReplacement Rectifier Leads
   Rhodium SolutionRhodium For Bath Plating
   Stamp EnamelStamp Enamel
   Swellegant Clear Sealant FlatSwellegant Clear Sealant Flat
   UV Resin and colourant solutionsLed & UV Super Resin
     Res UV Resin Clear Hard
     Res UV Resin Flashlight
     Res UV Resin Tube
     Resin Alcohol Ink Set of 8 x 10ml
     Resin Dried Flowers
     Resin Mixers Glitter Balls Flakes
     Resin Pigment Black Opaque
     Resin Pigment Glow Pack of 3
     Resin Pigment Set - Opaque
     Resin Pigment Set - Transparent
     Resin Pigment White Opaque
     Resin Silicone Mat
     Resin Silicone Mixing Tools
     Resin Silicone Molds
     UV Light for Resin
     UV Resin Colors
     UV Resin Colouring
   XL GEL / Liver of SulfurGriffith Liver Of Sulfur
     XL GEL 118mls
     XL GEL 2 Fl. Oz
     XL Liver of Sulfur Gel 1oz
 Pliers and CuttersAssorted Pliers, Cutters and ShearsAngled Straight Bench Shear
     Bead Cord Cutter
     Bending Flat/Half Round
     Bending Plier Half Round/Flat
     Bow Closing Pliers
     Bow Opening Pliers
     Carbide Cutter 5-1/2"
     Case Closing Pliers
     Coil Cutting Plier
     Curve Nose Pliers
     Cutter Ultra Flush
     Economy Concave/Convex
     Ergo Bow Opening Plier
     Euro Pliers - 90Deg Bentnose
     Flat/Half Rnd Bending Plier W/Nylon Jaws
     Forming Plier-Nylon Jaw
     Heavy Duty Sprue Cutter
     Keiba Cutter
     Long Nose Pliers
     Looper 1 Step Looper 2.25mm
     Looper 1 Step Looper 3mm
     Maxi Shear 6" Flush Cutter
     Plier Anticlastic
     Plier Bent Chain Nose
     Plier Chenier Cutter
     Plier Ring Bending - Blue Aluminium
     Plier Square Rite Marked 2 - 8mm
     Pliers - Heavy Ring Bending
     Pliers Combo Round Nose/Side Cutter
     Pliers Grobet Flat-Half Round Bending
     Pliers Slim 1/2 Round & Flat Nose
     Pliers Stone Setting
     Pliers Stone Setting PVC Handle 130m
     Pliers Wrap & Loop
     Prong Lifting Pliers 5"
     Ring Bending Pliers
     Ring Bending Pliers 6"
     Ring Holding Pliers
     Rosary Pliers Beadsmith 4.75"
     Round Nose Economy Slimline Pliers
     Round-Flatnose Looping
     Shear Cutters - Italian
     Slimline Temple Bracing Pliers
     Solder Cutter
     Split Ring Plier (Ergonomic Grips)
     Wire Looping Pliers - Concave lower jaw
     Wire Looping Pliers - Flat lower jaw
     Wrap & Tap Looping Pliers
     Xuron - Non Serrated Shear
   Economy Pliers and CuttersErgonomic Grip Bent Chain Nose
     Ergonomic Grip End Cutters
     Ergonomic Grip Pliers
     Ergonomic Grip Pointed Boxjoint cutter
     Ergonomic Grip Slide Cutters
     Flat Nose White
     Flat/Round Pliers w/Spring
     Half-round/Flat Bending Pliers
     Pliers Eco Sidecutters W Spring
     Round Nose White Pliers
     Side Cutters White
     Sidecutter 2K Ecco Ergonomic
     Snipe Nose White
   Ergonomic Pliers & Cutters  
   German Box Joint Pliers & Cutters5 Piece Kit
     Chain Nose Pliers
     Chain Nose Pliers
     Diagonal Cutters
     Diagonal Cutters With Pointed End
     Diagonal Cutters With Rounded End
     End Cutters
     End Cutters
     Flat Nose Pliers
     Flat Nose Pliers
     Half-Round And Flat Nose Pliers
     Oblique Cutters
     Pliers Heavy Duty Flat
     Round Nose Pliers
     Round Nose Pliers
     Slimline Box Joint Pliers Kit
   Heavy CuttersCompound Sprue Cutter
     Diagonal Cutting Nipper
     End Cutting Nipper
     Sprue Cutter
   Lindstrom Pliers80 Series (Yellow Handles)
     Ex 80-Series Ergonomic Handle
     Lindstrom 4 pc Kit
     Supreme Series (White Handles)
   Nylon Jaw PliersBending Plier/Wire & Ring
     Bracelet Forming Pliers
     Flat Nose Nylon Pliers
     Flat Nose Nylon Pliers Narrow
     Flat/Round Nose Pliers
     Jewelers Cold Bend Pliers
     Ring Bending Pliers
     Ring Forming Plier
   Parallel Action PliersFlat Nose Plier-Smooth Jaws
     Maun Flat Nose Plier - Knurled Jaws
     Maun Flat Nose Plier - Knurled Jaws
     Maun Flat Nose Pliers - Smooth Jaws
     Maun Pliers Parallel 1/2 Rnd & Flat
     Maun Snipe Nose Plier-Smooth Jaws
     Parallel Plastic Jaw Pliers
     Parallel Plier Chain
     Plier Parallel Chain Economy
     Pliers Bending Parallel 135mm
     Pliers Flat Nose Parallel 125mm
     Pliers Flat Nose Parallel w/Spring Half Round 140mm
     Pliers Half Round/Half Flat 125mm
     Pliers Parallel Action 125mm Groove
     Pliers Parallel Action 125mm Smooth
     Pliers Round Nose parallel 140mm
     Pliers Round Nose/Flat Nose Parallel 140mm
     Pliers Round Nylon Flat Jaw Parallel w spring 145mm
   Pastorino Pliers & NippersCutting Nippers With Flush Diagonal Cutting Edge, Pointed Head
     Flat nose pliers for jewellers with thin smooth jaws
     Flat/Concave Nose Pliers For Jewellers With Smooth Jaws
   Plier StandsWooden Plier Stand
   Pro-Line Long Nose PliersLong Nose Pliers
     Pro-Line Long Nose Pliers - Chain
     Pro-Line Long Nose Pliers - Flat
     Pro-Line Long Nose Pliers - Round
   Ring CuttersRing Cutting Pliers With Circular Cutter
   Rossi Italian pliersPliers Narrow Flat Pliers
     Pliers Rossi blue T72
     Pliers Rossi T76 Blue
     Rossi Concave Convex Nose 130mm
     Rossi Fine Round Nose 125mm
     Rossi Flat Half Round Nose 130mm
     Rossi Flat Nose
     Rossi Flat Round Nose 130mm
     Rossi Narrow Flat Nose Pliers 130mm
     Rossi Narrow Round Nose 130mm
     Rossi Round Concave Nose 130mm
     Rossi Round Nose 130mm
     Rossi Snipe/Chain Nose 130mm
 PolishingExtractorBench Top CDG Dust Collecting Suction Unit
     Carlo De Giorgi Single Extractor
     Dust Collector
     Economy Single Extractor
     Replacement Accessories
   Lathe SplasherLathe Splasher
     Splash Guard for Small Polisher
   Polishing ClothsFabulustre® Polishing Cloths
     Regal Lintless Blue
     Shino Cloths
     Softshine Cloth
     Ultra-Soft Connoisseurs® Polishing Cloth
   Polishing Compounds"C-Clear" Plastic Renewer
     Aa Rouge
     Blue Platinum Polish
     Dialux Polishing Compound
     Lustre Tripoli
     Midori Green Polishing Compound
     Nikko Abrasive For Platinum And White Gold
     Otec Sc5 Media Soap
     Picasso Blue Platinum Compound
     Powdered Compositions
     Pumice Powder - Eco
     Radio Rouge
     Regal Caramel Tripoli
     Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax Polish
     Rouge Powdered Red
     Silicon Carbide Powder
     Water Soluble Rouge
     XXG Rouge
     Zam® Buffing Compound
   Polishing Mandrels and GizmoPolishing Gizmo
     Wooden Mandrel for Rings
   Polishing MotorsCdg Two Speed Polishing Lathe
     Foredom Polishing Lathe
     Polishing Motor 1/2 HP
     Polishing Motor Variable Speed Ray Foster PR90
   SpindlesChuck Mandrels
     E/T Eco Spindles
     Grobet Usa Spindles
     Stone Chuck Brass
     Wood Chuck for Taper Spindle
     Wooden Split Mandrel Spindle
 Reamers and BroachesReamers AF
     Set of 12 Extra Fine Broaches
     Set of 12 Reamers with Case
 Ring ToolsRing ClampsA*F Super Clamp
     Bench Block Ring Clamps
     Economy Wooden Ring Holding Clamp
     Kirkland External Ring Clamp
     Kirkland Ring Clamp/Holder
     Mini Ring Clamp with Wedge
     Ring Clamp Economy 'Super'
     Ring Setters Clamp
     Side Screw Ring Clamp
     Wood Ring Clamp
     Wooden Clamp With End Screw
     Wooden Inside Ring Clamp
   Ring CuttersDepose Ring Cutter
     Diamond Ring Cutting Wheel
     Prideline Ring Cutter
     Ring Cutter
   Ring GuardsFinger - Hold Ring Guards
   Ring StretchersRathburn Ring Stretcher
     Ring Spinner
     Ring Stretcher -Hand Held Economy
     Spinning Ring Flarer
 Rolling MillsD2 130mm  
     Current shipment sold out
     D2 130mm
     Lower Roll D2
     Upper Roll D2
   D4 158mm  
     D4 158
     Lower Roll D4
     Upper Roll D4
   DRM C100RE  
     DRM C100 Rolls
     DRM C100RE
   DRM C130RE  
     DRM C130 Combination
     DRM C130 Combination Rolls
   DRM C150  
     DRM C150 Combination
     DRM C150 Combination Rolls
   Durston Agile C110Durston Agile C110
     Durston Agile C110 Rolls
   Durston Agile C130Durston Agile C130 Rolling Mill
     Durston Agile C130 Rolls
   Mini Mill StandsMini Mill Stand
   Mini MillsCalibrated Adjustment
     MINI C100 Combination 4 Groove
     MINI C80 Combination 4 Groove
     Mini Mill C100 Combination 9 Groove
     Mini Mill C100 roller size diagram
     Rolling Mill C80 Mini Economy
   Patterns & Profiles  
     Standard Profiles
   Rolling Mill AccessoriesDurston Rust Preventative
   Rolling Mill StandsCabinet Stand for Rolling Mill
     Pedestal Stand for Rolling Mills
 SafetyApronsDenim Apron
     Leather Apron Eco
     Leather Apron Brown 4 Pockets 24"x34"
     Rubber Apron
     Wax Apron (Durston)
   Dust Masks3M 8812
     Dust Mask Norton 1800
     Norton 1955 Dust / Mist Respirators
     Norton Household Dust Masks
   EarmuffsNorton Earmuffs Grade 4
   Eye ProtectionClear Safety Glasses
     Cobalt Blue Platinum Soldering Glasses
     Criket 9180 Welding Glasses
     Eye Glasses Norton/Bear Clear
     Eye Glasses Norton/Bear Smoke
     Infra-Dura 9162 Welding Glasses
     Mag-Safe Bifocal Safety Glasses
     Norton Face-shield
     Norton wraparound Safety Specs
     Plastic Safety Glasses
     Safety Welding Glasses
     Welding Goggles
   Finger/Hand ProtectionLeather Finger Guards
     Pure White Cotton Gloves
     Rubber Finger Cots
     Safety Tape
 Sawblades & SawframesCircular SawsCircular Sawblades
     Circular Saws
     Spare Blades for Jump Ring Maker
   Saw AccessoriesRevolving Saw Blade Stand
   SawbladesDiamond Sawblades
     Pike Platinum Sawblades
     Pinned Sawblades
     Skip-A-Tooth Sawblades
     Spiral Sawblades
     SUPER PIKE® blades.
     Superpike Sawblade Set
   SawframesAdjustable Jewelers' Sawframes
     Economy Sawframes
     Grobet Swiss-Made Sawframes
     Knew Concepts Sawframes
     Mini Sawframe
     Mini Sawframe with Aluminium Handle
     Sawframe Fixed Green Lion
     Sawframe Replacement Parts
     Stella Sawframe with Tension Screw
     Superior Jewellers Sawframe
     Swiss Cut Sawframe
 Scissors & ShearsBench Shears with 6 1/2" Blade Deluxe
     Curved Shears
     Hi Leverage Shear
     Non-Serrrated Shear for Metal
     Shear - Plate with Single Spring
     Shear Metal - Serrated with Spring
     Sprung Straight Shears
     Straight Shears
 Setting ToolsBeading Blocks (Fions)
     Beading Tool Handle
     Beading Tool Set
     Beading Tool Stand / Holder
     Beading Tools Set of 16 & handle on Stand
     Bezel Perfect Roller Deluxe
     Bezel Pusher
     Bezel Roller
     Bezel Roller - Anchor
     Chaser's Cement
     Claw Setting Manufacturing Kit set of 9 Wooden Box
     Diamond Setter's Cement
     Diamond Setters Helper
     Diamond Wax Sticks
     Handles With Chucks
     Individual Beading Tools
     Jett Sett
     Millgrain Wheels
     Orange Shellac
     Pearl Drilling Vise
     Precision Prong Opener
     Prong Lifter
     Prong Pusher
     Sealing Wax
     Setter Wood Stick
     Setters Clamp
     Setting Bezel Punches Set/18
     Shellac Sticks
     Slim Tapered Prong Lifter
     Swiss Setters Cement
     Thermo Loc
 Soldering Tools & AccessoriesAccessoriesAdjustable Soldering Bowl
     Ceramic Ring Stand
     Ceramic Rod for Soldering
     Economy Borax Tray
     Flux Bottle
     Grobet Usa Flux Dispenser Pump
     Rotating Non-Asbestos Soldering Table
     Solder Pic
     Solder Pic - Metal Handle
     Titanium Soldering Pick Metal handle
     Titanium Strips
   Anti FluxStop Flow Anti-Flux
     Tix Anti-Flux®
   Binding WireBinding Wire
   FirescoffFirescoff RH
     Battern's® Self Pickling Hard Soldering Flux
     Borax Cone
     Borax Powder
     Borax Tray Round 4.25" x 15mm Eco
     Boric Acid Power
     Dandix® Paste Flux
     Easy-flo Flux Paste
     Griffith Borax
     Griffith Prip's Flux
     Handy Flux 7ox jar W/Brush
     Marble Slate
     MB-formula Melting Flux
     Pro-Craft Jel-Flux
     Tenacity 4A Flux Paste
     Tenacity 6A Flux Paste
     Tix Flux
     Vigor® Creamy Silver Brazing Flux
   Heat ProtectionBench Protectors
     Braze Aids Soldering Board
     Kool - Jool
     Therm-a-Guard Protective Blanket
     Vigor® Heat Shield Protective Paste
   Pickling Compounds & PicklersNature's Touch Citric Pickle
     Pro-Craft Pickle
     Pro-Craft® Pre-Po Pickle
     Sparex Pickle
   SolderCopper Bearing Solder
     Copper Solder Paste 1/2 oz t. Soft
     Low Temperature Solder
     Solder It
     Solder Soft Lead Free Spool
     Stay-Brite Solder
     Tix Solder
   Soldering Boards & BlocksBergeon Soldering Block
     Ceramic Soldering Block
     Charcoal Block Compressed
     Charcoal Soldering Blocks
     Cordiorite Soldering Board With Grooves
     Cordiorite Soldering Board With Rubber Feet
     Honeycomb Ceramic Soldering Pad
     Honeycomb Design Ceramic Soldering Blocks
     Magnesia Soldering Block
     Rotating Soldering Board
     Rotating Square Soldering Stand
     Small Soldering Board Honeycomb Style
     Soldering Table Swivel Base
   Soldering WigSoldering Wig
   Third Hand Holders"Third Hand" With Tweezers
     Basic Short Third Hand
     Double 3rd Hand
     Double 3rd Hand W/Magnifier
     Solder Ring Stand
     Soldering Third Hand
     Soldering Third Hand
     Spare Tweezers for Third Hand
     Third Hand Double
     Third Hand with Square Base
     Titanium Ring Shank & Bezel Holder Set of 3
   TweezersFiber-Grip Soldering Tweezers
     Head And Shank Tweezers
     Head And Shank Tweezers - Premium Quality
     Ring Soldering Tweezers
 Stamps and Stamping ToolsDesign StampsCase only for Letter Punches
     Creative Design Stamps
     Elite Design Stamps
     Impress Art Stamps
   Economy Carat StampsEconomy Carat Stamps
   F.D Carat StampsF.D Carat Stamps
   Number, Puncuation & Letter Stamp Sets1/8" Lowercase Block Letter St (27Pc) W/Box
     1/8" Lowercase Script Letter St ( 27Pc ) -W/Box
     6mm Letter & Number Punch Set
     Bent Stamps
     Letter, Number and Punctuation Punch Sets in pouches
     Number & Letter Stamp Sets
     Punctuation Stamp Sets
     Stamp Copyright Symbol
     Wooden Boxed Letter and Number Punch Set
   Stamping BlockBrass Stamping Block
   Stamping ToolsSimple Strike Jig
     Universal Metal Stamp Holder
 Tables and DataDiamond Weight Estimator  
 Testing Tools & SuppliesMetal TestingAcid Bottle Box with 5 Bottles + Stone
     AuRACLE® AGT3 Digital Gold & Platinum Tester
     Gold And Silver Test Acids
     Gold Test Stone Black
     Replacement Gel tubes GXL- 24
     Round Magnet 2" W-Handle for Testing
     Test Stone
     Wooden Box For Test Acids
   Stone TestingC-Master
     CZ Master Set
     GemOro Ultratester ll Diamond & Moissante Tester
     Presidium Diamondmate - A
     Presidium Gem Computer Gauge
     Presidium Gem Tester
     Presidium Moissanite Tester
     Presidium Multi Tester
 Torches, Burners, & AccessoriesAccessoriesAdaptor 2 Way Companion
     Torch Holders
     Torch Lighter
     Y Connectors
   Alcohol Lamps & AccessoriesAlcohol Lamp and spares
     Heavy Heating Frame
     Tripods with Mesh Screen
   Micro TorchStingray Butane Micro Torch
   Orca Torch......
     Companion/Pol Adapter
     LPG Assemblies Hose Only
     Regal Orca Torch
     Replacement Tips for Orca Torch
   RegulatorsBOC 8000 Oxygen Regulator
     Flashback Arrestors
     Regulator - BOC 8000 Acetylene 150KPA
     Regulator BOC - 6000 LPG
   The Little Torch - The Industry Standard"Little Torch" Extra Tips
     Heating/Melting Tips
     Hose & Connectors
     Magnetic Torch Holder
     Replacement Valves
     The Little Torch
     Weighted Torch Stand
     Blast Media Glass
     Blast Off Quartz Abrasive
     Dri-Shine III
     Media Steel Shot Pins 1/16" x9/32"
     Otec Kx 10 Blue Cones
     Otec Media
     Otec Media H1/100 Walnut Granules
     Otec Media H1/400 Walnut Granules
     Otec Media H1/50 Walnut Granules
     Otec Media H1/500 Walnut Granules
     Otec Media KB10 Red Cones
     Otec Media KX10 White Cones
     Otec Media PB10 Red Pyramids
     Otec Media PO10 Blue Pyramids
     Otec Media PX10 White Pyramids
     Otec P2 Polishing Paste 1kg (White)
     Raytech Turbo Pins
     Stainless Steel Shot Jewelers Mix
     Steel Shot
   Raytech Magnetic Tumblers  
     Magnetic Seperator
     Spare Parts for Raytech Magnetic Finishers
   Raytech Vibratory TumblersAV -18
     AV 25 SS
     Raytech Stone Kit
     TV-5 Replacement Bowl
     TV5 Tumbler With Stone Kit
   Rotary Barrel TumblersGrobet Tumbler Parts
     Heavy-Duty Tumbler
     Lortone 3 A Tumbler
     One Barrel Tumbler
     Replacement Parts for Lortone Tumblers
     Replacement parts for Rotary Tumblers
     Rotary Tumblers
     Two Barrel Tumbler
   Tumbling Compounds750
     910 Tumbling Compound
     Blue Magic
     Magnetic Tumbler Soap
     OTEC P6
     Otec Sc5
     P3 Tumbling Compound
     Raytech Burnishing Compound D
     Shinebrite Burnishing Compound
 Tweezers & TongsBeaker TongsBeaker Tongs
   Diamond, Bead and Stone TweezersDumont Grooved Diamond Tweezers
     G01 150mm Matt finish horizontal lines
     G02 FL 160mm Fine Tips with lock
     G02 M/G 160mm Matt Finish with groove
     G02M 160mm Matt Finish with Lines
     G02M G INOX
     G02M Titanium (Medium points) 160mm
     G07 Gem Tweezer with Shovel
     Pearl Holding Tweezer
     Pearl Tweezer – Epoxy Tip
     Soft Touch Diamond Tweezers Medium
     Tweezers - Dumont Diamond Grooved
     Tweezers G.07
     Tweezers Rossi #3
     Tweezers Rossi G02 M
     Tweezers Rossi G02F GB
     Tweezers Rossi G02F GL
     Tweezers Rossi G02F L
     Tweezers Rossi G02M GB
     Tweezers Rossi G02MGL
     Tweezers Rossi G02ML
     Tweezers Rossi G05
     Tweezers Rossi G09 Nickel
     Tweezers Rossi PP
     Tweezers Rossi SS SA Non Magnetic
   Gem HoldersSmall Gem Holder 3 Prong
     Tweezers - Four Prong Holder
     Tweezers - Four Prong Holder
     Tweezers - Three Prong Holder
     Tweezers - Three Prong Holder
   Jewellers Tweezers32 F 200mm Large Soldering Tweezers with Serrated Points
     5 SA 110mm Super fine points
     7 SA Tweezers
     AA 125mm General Purpose Soldering Tweezers
     DD 160mm Heavy Soldering Tweezers
     Dumont Hi-Tech 3 Tweezers
     Dumont MM
     Economy Tweezers SS Antimagnetic #2A
     Economy Tweezers SS Cross Bent Curved
     G04 140mm Jewellers' locking tweezer
     GG SA 130mm Large but fine points
     MM 120mm Fine beveled points
     Pearl Tweezers
     PP 115mm Tweezer for general use
     SS SA 135mm Very long, narrow and fine points
     Swiss Stone Tweezers 6"
     Tweezers #5 SA Stella Antiacid
     Tweezers - Carbon Steel + slide lock
     Tweezers Blunt Serrated 4 1/2"
     Tweezers Cav 6 SA
     Tweezers G 01
     Tweezers R Inox
     Tweezers Rossi 00 Non Magnetic
     Tweezers Rossi AA
     Tweezers Rossi MM
     Tweezers SS Antimagnetic #6
     Tweezers SS Antimagnetic #7A
     Tweezers SS Cross Bent Straight
     Tweezers Swiss SS peer #2A-S
     W 160mm Extra heavy and wide blades, medium points
   Pickling TongsBrass Tongs
     Copper Pickling Tongs
   Plastic and Steam Cleaning TongsPlastic Tweezer (White)
     Steam Cleaning Tongs
     Tweezer Plastic 7"
   Soldering TweezersFiber Grip Tweezer 4.5"
     Head And Shank Tweezers
     Mm 160 Soldering Straight Tweezer With Reverse Action
     Mm 165 Soldering Curved Tweezer With Insulated Handle
     Mm 165 Soldering Straight Tweezer With Insulated Handle
     Ring Soldering Tweezers
     Soldering Tweezer w/o CrossLock Fibre 8'
     Soldering Tweezer with Stand CURVED
     Soldering Tweezer with Stand STRAIGHT
     Tweezer Titanium Fibre Grip Curved
     Tweezer Titanium Fibre Grip Straight
     Tweezers Cross-Lock Straight Smooth Fibre Grip
     Tweezers Self Locking 6 1/2"
     Tweezers SS Antiacid Antimagnetic
     Tweezers Straight 6.5"
     Tweezers Straight 6.5"
   Tweezer Sets3 piece plastic tong set
     Multipurpose Tweezers set of 5
     Titanium Tweezer set of 3
     Tweezer Set 5 Piece
     Tweezer Set 8 Piece
 VicesBench VicesEuro Pro Bench Vice Superior 2" Jaw
     Non Swivel Bench Vice
     Peg Clamp On Stand
     Revolving Clamp Mini Bench Vice
     Revolving Mini Bench Vice
     Swivel Bench Vice
     Swivel Vice
     Vice - Medium Bench
     Vice with Clamp 1 1/2"
     Vice without Clamp 1 1/2"
   ChucksAdaptor Collet Pin Chuck Set
     Drill Chuck to suit Drills #70-80
     Handle Wood Chuck / Milligain Wheel
     Micro Drill Chuck
     Pin Chuck with 3 collets
     Pin Tong W/Handle Grave Chuck
   Foredom Mini ViceForedom Mini Vice
   Hand VicesAngled Chenier Cutter
     Economy Chenier Cutter
     Hand Vice Large with Black Handle
     Handvice Super Hand Vice With Wooden Handle
     Italian Chenier Cutter
     Italian Chenier Vice
     Joint Cutter
     Joint Cutter Miter Vise
     Lowell Pattern Hand Vice
     Premium Tube Cutting Jig W/Scale
     Steel Handvice - Hollow
     Work Holders
   Pin Vices4 Piece Pinvice Set
     Aluminium Handle Pin Vices
     Brass Handle Pin Vice
     Brass Pinvice Set
     Double-Ended Pin Vice
     Economy Pin Vice
     Handle Wood Chuck / Milligain Wheel
     Pin Vice and Drill Bit set
     Pin Vice double end 2 chuck
     Pin vice oxidised single collet
     Pin Vice Swivel with Wooden Handle
     Pin Vice with Swivel Handle
     Pin Vice Wooden Handle 102mm Length
     Square Chuck Pin Vice
     Swivel Tool Handle
   Vice AccessoriesSoff Jaws
     Soft Jaws for Bench Vice
   Work HoldersWork Holders
 Watch Supplies and ToolsBracelet SizingBracelet Sizing Plier
     Link Pin Removing Tool
     Link Remover Black Jumbo Xl
     Link Remover Set of 3
     Link Remover set/3 in Plastic Box
     Pin Removing Kit
     Pin Removing Tool
     Spring-Bar Replacement
     Spring-Bar Tool
     Watch Pin Remover
   Case Holders, Opening and ClosingBracelet Holder - Plastic
     Case Holder with 4 adj plastic pins
     Case Knife
     Case Opener for Rolex Watches with 6 Dies
     Casing Cushion for Watches
     Cushioned Handle
     Dies for Glass Fitting Machine
     Dies for Glass Fitting Machine - Square
     Eurotool Case Opener Knife (Yellow)
     Glass Fitting Machine
     Glass Fitting Machine Set 24 Nylon Jumbo
     Holder Aluminium Block Type
     Jaxa Case Opener
     Jaxa Style Case Wrench for Large Watches
     Jumbo Case Holder
     Jumbo Pocket Case Opener
     Nylon Dies Lg Dia 40 - 55mm Set 8
     Orange Case Knife
     Pocket Case Wrench
     Replacement Pins
     Snap Back Case Knife
     Snappy Case Opener
     Swiss Knife
     Watch Case Opener Snap Type
     Watch Case Opener Snap Type CT
     Watch Case Opening Ball
   Miscellaneous Tools and SuppliesCleaning Product Rodico
     Drill Jewellery Brass Wheel
     Dust Blower
     Hole Punch Pliers
     Oilers Set of 3
     Polywatch Glass Cleaner Polish
     Polywatch® PLASTIC POLISH
     Precise Pocket Oiler
     Rotating Leather Punch 2 - 4.5mm Hole
     Screw Brass/Nickelled Asstd
     Set of 12 Extra Fine Broaches
     Silicon Gasket & Ring Lubricator
     Silicone Grease
     Stella Cell Tester 1.5v & 3v
     Tap and Die set
     Watch Screws Pkt 250 w Tray
   ScrewdriversBergeon Grub Screw
     Bergeon Non-Magnetic Screwdriver Set
     Bergeon Replacement Blades
     Bergeon Screwdriver - Phillips
     Grobet USA screwdrivers
     Screw Driver Set - 7 Anodised
     Screwdriver Set - Stand
     Screwdriver Set - Wooden Box
     Set of 5 Phillips Screwdrivers
   Watch Battery Testing and ChangingDeluxe Universal Watch Battery Change Tool Kit
 Wax & Wax Working ToolsCarving WaxesFerris File-A-Wax Asssortment Junior
     Ferris File-A-Wax Blocks
     Ferris File-A-Wax Slices 1/2 Lb
     Ferris File-A-Wax 3 Bar Kit
     Ferris File-A-Wax Asssortment Professional
     Ferris File-A-Wax Bracelet Blanks
     Ferris File-A-Wax Slices 1 Lb Slices
     File-A-Wax Bars In Assorted Sizes
     Matt Bracelet Wax Blanks
     Wolf Square Block Gold
   Carving, Shaping and Forming Tools10 Piece Wax Carving Set with Case
     12 Piece Carving Set
     5 Piece Carving Set
     7 Set Design & Stone Templates - Plastic
     Alcohol Lamp
     Economy Wax Carving Tool Set of 4 Hollow
     Economy Wax Reamer
     Matt "Techniques Of Jewelry Illustration And Colour Rendering" Kit
     Matt Creative Settings Kit
     MATT Gun Kit
     Matt Mini-Lathe With Gauge
     Matt Mitre Box
     Matt Reamer
     Matt Ring Template
     Matt Ring Tube Sizer
     Matt Shaper
     Matt Stone Shapes Template
     Matt Trimmer
     Multi-blade Metal Reamer
     Point Wax File Set
     Precision Mitre Box
     Probe set of 3
     Replacement Accessories For Matt Mini-Lathe
     Replacement Wax Pellets For Matt Gun
     Skip-A-Tooth Saw Blades
     Vul-Crylic Wax Files
     Wax Carving Deluxe Set
     Wax Carving Tool Spatula #4
     Wax Detailer pkt 2 Fine & V Fine
     Wax Detailers
     Wax Smoothing Plane
     Wood Spatula for Wax
     Wooden Handled Wax Carvers
   Disclosing Wax  
   Injection WaxesAqua Hi- Production
     Aquasphere Injection Wax
     Flexplast Blue 1lb Bag
     Green Pellets
     Pink Flakes
     Purple Injection Carvable Wax
   Modelling Sculpture WaxGrobet Usa Sculpture Wax Strips
     Modelling Wax Mold-A-Wax
   Wax Ring Tubes and BarsFerris File-A-Wax Carving Waxes "T" Style
     Ferris File-A-Wax Carving Waxes "Tube" Style
     Ferris File-A-Wax Carving Waxes Bars
     Matt Ring Tubes Pack
     Matt Wax Ring Tube A
     Matt Wax Ring Tube B
     Matt Wax Ring Tube C
     Matt Wax Ring Tube D
   Wax Solvents and AdditivesWax - Gold River Additive
     Wax Kleen
   Wax welding toolsPowered Wax Welder
     Speedy Wax Pen
   Wax Wire & SheetGrobet Usa Round Wax Wire Assortment
     Grobet Usa Sheet Wax
     Grobet Usa Sprue Wax
     Grobet Usa Sticky Wax & Model Adhesive
     Grobet Usa Wax Wire Assortment.
     Matt Wax Tablets
     Sprue Wax
     Wax Wire Assortment #2 Round
   Wolf Wax By FerrisWolf Relief Wax
     Wolf Touch-Up Wax
     Wolf Wax by Ferris®
     Wolf Wax Ring Tubes & Rods
     Wolf Wax Round Bars
     Wolf Wicked Sticky Wax
 Wire DrawingDraw TongsDraw Tongs H/D with Ring
     Economy Draw Tongs Available In Two Sizes
     Italian Draw Tongs
     L180 mm Draw Tongs
     Lowell Pattern Hand Vise
   DrawplatesItalian Steel Drawplates
     Tungsten Carbide Drawplates
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