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Let Regal help you perfect your concepts, and turn them into finished pieces. 

Our CAD Design Service gives control and oversight over the creation, and more importantly, confidence that you have got it right before making.Using modern CAD drawing software coupled with years of practical experience in making high quality fine jewellery, we can create almost any item of jewellery to your design needs.

CAD process
An example of the CAD process, from wax print, cast metal, and finished set ring.
Regal can help with all stages of the process.

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. It is the use of specalised software to create dimensionally accurate 3d drawings.

CAD has become an essential tool to produce accurate works. It allows visual communication of the end result to your customers before any metal is cast or cut, also, it provides a technical plan to estimate the weight (therefore material costs) of the finished piece.

With the combination of our CAD design, 3D printing and workshop departments, we have all the tools and skills needed to allow you to develop ideas from a paper based sketch or photograph to a piece of unique jewellery.

Capture your customer's imagination & drive new business.

We can draw a Cad file from many sources, including drawings, illustrations, images, consultation, gemstone measurements and inspiration boards.

Our design technicians can help you create your prototypes. Our experience covers jewellery ranging from bracelets, pendants, ear studs, rings, findings, clasps, and all parts of those.

We provide a complete service for all your fine jewellery manufacture needs, from design concepts, printing all the way through to setting and finishing the completed product.

We design jewellery on a computer using Matrix, an industry leading piece of CAD software in the jewellery market. This design is done according to your specifications.

We then render photographic-realistic images in a the appropriate finish and types of stones.

The rendered images are emailed to you for your approval. The advantage of designing on CAD is that we can alter designs at the stage and re-render.

CAD process
An example render.

Contact us with your requirements, we will be happy to help guide you through the cad design process.

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