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Tube for ring blanks for quick assembly.

We can produce tube in the following range of finger sizes.

If the size you are looking for is not available as tube it can be made as a single wedder, please refer to our wedding ring division.

Wall Thickness
Regular WallThick Wall
KWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm----
Grams per 10mm
LWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm----
Grams per 10mm5.105.706.30----
MWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm1.35mm2.00mm2.20mm-
Grams per 10mm5.205.806.408.0012.3013.70-
NWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm1.35mm1.802.00 -
Grams per 10mm5.305.906.608.2011.20
OWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm- 1.60mm1.80mm 2.70mm
Grams per 10mm5.406.106.70- 10.00 11.40 17.90
PWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm- 1.60mm2.50 -
Grams per 10mm5.606.206.90-10.20 16.70 -
QWall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm-1.50mm 2.30mm -
Grams per 10mm5.70 6.307.00-9.40 15.60 -
R+Wall Thickness0.9mm1.0mm1.10mm-2.00mm --
Grams per 10mm5.906.507.20-13.70
V+Wall Thickness- --1.20mm 2.25mm --
Grams per 10mm---8.5016.80 --
Z+Wall Thickness---1.35mm2.65mm --
Grams per 10mm---10.5021.60 --
Ring blanks are cut to your specifications, and can be ordered tapered or parallel. Other larger wall sizes on request.

No minimum order, order one or one hundred, all orders are important to us.
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