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Emery paper, or Sandpaper
Waterproof paper for wet and dry sanding. Silicon Carbide abrasive for fast cutting ability. Wide grit range. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. 20% DISCOUNT FOR PACKS OF 50 SHEETS
  CodeSheet SizeGrit Price ex. GST  
  AB00150230mm x 280mm150 $1.50
  AB00100230mm x 280mm100 $1.50
  AB00120230mm x 280mm120 $1.80
  AB00180230mm x 280mm180 $1.50
  AB00220230mm x 280mm220 $1.60
  AB00240230mm x 280mm240 $1.60
  AB00280230mm x 280mm280 $1.50
  AB00320230mm x 280mm320 $1.60
  AB00360230mm x 280mm360 $1.60
  AB00400230mm x 280mm400 $1.80
  AB00600230mm x 280mm600 $1.80
  AB00800230mm x 280mm800 $1.50
  AB01000230mm x 280mm1000 $1.50
  AB01200230mm x 280mm1200 $1.60
  AB01500230mm x 280mm1500 $1.60
  AB02000230mm x 280mm2000 $1.38
  CodeSheet SizeGrit Price ex. GST  
  AB0A150230mm x 280mm150 $1.50
  AB0A220230mm x 280mm220 $1.50
  AB0A240230mm x 280mm240 $1.50
  AB0A400230mm x 280mm400 $1.90
  AB0A600230mm x 280mm600 $1.50
  AB0A800230mm x 280mm800 $1.50
  CodeSheet SizeGrit Price ex. GST  
  ABNF320230mm x 280mm320 $1.80
  ABNF400230mm x 280mm400 $1.60
A fast cutting waterproof silicon carbide paper sheet. *ONLY* Sold in packets of 25 pieces, Purchase 50 sheets (2 packets) and receive a 20% discount.
  CodeSheet Size (mm)Grit Price ex. GST  
  AB3M0180230 x 280P180 $1.60
  AB3M0220230 x 280P220 $1.60
  AB3M0240 230 x 280P240 $1.95
  AB3M0280230 x 280P280 $2.00
  AB3M0320230 x 280P320 $2.00
  AB3M0400230 x 280P400 $1.99
  AB3M0600230 x 280P600 $1.95
  AB3M0800230 x 280P800 $1.60
  AB3M1000230 x 280P1000 $1.95
  AB3M1200230 x 280P1200 $1.95
A fast cutting waterproof silicon carbide paper sheet. These sheets are half the size of the 3M sheets 1200 grit or below. Sold in packets of 50 pieces, receive a 20% discount.
  CodeSheet Size (mm)Grit Price ex. GST  
  AB3M1500139 x 228P1500 $1.95
  AB3M2000139 x 228P2000 $1.90
Get around almost any contoured surface with these 8 1/2" x 11" polishing papers. Soft, cloth-like backing and precise micron grading provides a unique, consistent finish. Can be used wet or dry. Sold individually.
  CodeMicronGrit or MeshColour Price ex. GST  
  AB027734000Pink $3.75
Fine Emery Paper
Convenient 3M anti-tarnish strips and tabs are safe to use with silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, tin and gold. Place in box or bag with jewellery. Lasts up to six months, depending on exposure to air (one year in a sealed environment). Sold by pack of 50.
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