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They are the very best in contemporary glass beadmaking, 1000 dazzling and unique examples by an international array of artists. This color survey has it all: the beads come single or in multiples, in jewelry or sculpural pieces, flameworked and kilnformed; and their diversity and beauty are amazing. Julia Skops intriguing Secret Surprise showcases clear glass beads with millefiori slices at the ends. Bruce St. John crafts his beads out of diachroic glass, then fuses and coldworks them at the lapidary well after completion. Nebula Black Necklace, from Rene Roberts, features an organic-looking focal bead adorned with fine metal leaf, glass shards, and a subtle dot decoration. An artists comment and detail image accompany many of the photos. A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club.
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  BO2318 $53.00
These exquisite earrings, chosen especially for this collection by award-winning artist Alan Revere, capture the most prevalent concepts in contemporary jewelry.
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  BO2357 $45.00
Gems are the rarest and most enticing material a jeweler can work with, and this newest entry in the acclaimed 500 series showcases a rainbow of stones, from rough and natural to fully-faceted precious jewels. The pieces include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and even a tiara, and theyre set in every imaginable kind of material, both precious and non-precious: gold, glass, platinum, palladium, iron, resin, silver, and more. The work ranges from Christo Kiffer's delicate and expressive "Tourmaline Moth Brooch," with its rich green tourmalines and sparkling diamonds, to a devastatingly beautiful necklace by master jeweler Daphne Krinos
Contemporary Interpretations of a Timeless Form
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  BO7013 $70.00
With over 300 illustrations and photographs. A perfect book for teachers or individuals having an interest in beadwork. Soft cover, 146 pages.
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  BO0466 $40.00
Brilliant, bold, and totally cool: anodized aluminum makes it easy to create fun and eye-catching graphic jewelry. This entry-level book introduces the simple yet gorgeous art of coloring pre-anodized sheets of aluminum using such techniques as dip and overdyeing, hand painting, dripping, spraying, silk screening, and more. Twelve step-by-step projects guide readers through the process of turning the colored aluminum into jewelry. An extensive gallery throughout will inspire them.
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  BO052 $41.00
Forget gold and silverâthe hottest materials in jewelry-making are plastic and resin! And this exciting new entry in the popular Art of Jewelry series is an inspirational treat that introduces the major techniques, provides insights from contemporary artists, and showcases an array of eye-opening work. Learn all the basics on âhardâ plastics, from sawing and drilling to joining, constructing, and laminating. Get the lowdown on resin, including mixing, curing, adding inclusions, finishing, and more. Easy-to-follow how-to photo demonstrations clarify key stepsâand best of all, some of the premiere innovators in the field have created the 22 amazing projects, from the dramatic Turbine Bangle and funky freeform ring in candy-colored plastic to an exotic necklace made of straws.
The best-selling book on resin jewelry returns. The Art of Resin Jewelry still features the same great step-by-step directions for creating beautiful necklaces, pins, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and rings with affordable, approachable resin. Instructions show how to add colorants and other materials, how to cast three-dimensional forms, and how to combine resin with polymer clay for entirely new effects.
Hiroshi Tsuyuki presents 11 basic projects in Basic Wax Modeling, each one designed to teach the use of certain tools and types of waxes in a progressive manner as one's skills improve. Each step of every project is illustrated by photo/text and is some cases supplementary diagrams and notes are provided to clarify those particular processes. After each basic model is completed a number of illustrations are provided suggesting design possibilities using the techniques learned in the construction of the basic model. This book makes it very easy and enjoyable for the beginner to learn wax modeling and illustrates how practical wax modeling is for jewelry design. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in learning to model in wax and cast. Hard cover, 7.5" x 10.5", 106 pages.
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  BO002 $85.00
71 fantastic jewelry projects requiring only the basics beading skills.|Jewelry artist Takako Samejima specializes in bead jewelry, and has been working with beads since she was a child. Her designs, which combine different types, shapes, and sizes of beads, have won acclaim for their beauty and originality. BEAD FANTASIES features over seventy of her most original and dazzling designs including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, hair ornaments, cell phone straps and eyeglass chains. Each design includes detailed instructions for creating the jewelry, supplemented by small color photographs and detailed color drawings. For the novice, BEAD FANTASIES also includes descriptions of the beads used to make the jewelry, beading supplies, and some lessons covering basic bead-stringing, weaving and finishing techniques.
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  BO1864 $36.50
From the streets to the runways, beaded jewelry and accessories continue to be seen everywhere. Now, with beautiful color photos, detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions, renowned jewelry designer Takako Samejima makes it easy for even the beginner to create eye-catching, original bead accessories. The book is divided into three sections. The first part focuses on different accessories designed around one motif, for example a clover, a diamond-shaped flower, a crown. The second section offers patterns that allow readers to use their own beads to create completely original pieces. The third part, entitled "Bead Items," is organized by type of accessory - rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Bead Fantasies II offers features that will be indispensable to the novice beader: an introduction to various kinds of beads, beading techniques with step-by-step color pictures, and descriptions of tools which the reader will need to get started. Paperback, 84 pages Author: Takako Samejima
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  BO1834 $32.00
Explore a world of beads! World beads are extremely popular in the beading and hobby jewelry market. The newest entry in Lark's popular Beading with: series goes international & multicultural, with more than 30 dazzling jewelry projects that showcase popular tribal and ethnic beads. As with the other books in the series, this lavishly illustrated volume offers an introduction to scores of different beads, illustrates all the basic techniques, & presents both beginner and intermediate projects from a pool of talented designers. The one-of-a kind pieces range from Jean Campbell's jangly Milagros Charm Bracelet to Elizabeth Glass Geltman and Rachel Geltman's porcelain-beaded "A New Chinese Twist" with stops in India, Africa, and many other countries along the way. This book is packed with high-end style and projects that even novices can do. Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages
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  BO2336 $38.00
Wire Wrap Handmade Chain - Learn the Art CHAIN MAKING "LINK-BY-LINK" A "Locking-Link" Technology - Not Chainmail Author: Ronald "hilloma" Hill
Written to help clarify misinterpretations about channel setting diamonds. The book explains the fundamentals with the help of illustrations. It also provides an opportunity for diamond setters to learn how to set diamonds by a variety of means, under different situations. Hard cover, 140 pages.
Chasing and repousse are methods of embellishing metal objects that have been in use for millennia. With the use of punches and hammers, a wide range of items from delicate jewellery, such as earrings, to pieces of monumental sculpture can be adorned using these techniques. The book provides clean and practical instruction that will be of use to both beginners and the more practiced crafts-person. Highly illustrated, the book gives a clear idea of how these methods can be used for a wide range of items.
Chasing and repousse are methods of embellishing metal objects that have been in use for millennia. With the use of punches and hammers, a wide range of items from delicate jewellery, such as earrings, to pieces of monumental sculpture can be adorned using these techniques. The book provides clean and practical instruction that will be of use to both beginners and the more practiced crafts-person. Highly illustrated, the book gives a clear idea of how these methods can be used for a wide range of items.
All that glitters is not gold sometimes its copper, silver, or brass. With Chic Metal, you can design and create necklaces, earrings, and even cocktail rings out of metals that sparkle and shine. Crafting with metal is easier than you might think. You can make many of these 30 inspiring projects with simple tools you already own, such as wire cutters, pliers, a hammer, and a file. If you love jewelry making and are seeking a new challenge, look no further youre ready for some heavy metals.
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  BO2593 $52.00
Easy Techniques and 25 great projects "Complete Jewellery" is a sparkling collection of 25 custom-made designs that will dazzle the most eccentric of tastes. Even a beginner crafter will be able to create these one-of-a-kind pieces thanks to the clear, concise instructions and plethora of beautiful how-to photographs. A complete introduction guides you through the basics of jewelry making, while the directions for the individual projects explain the intricacies and techniques needed to complete these wearable works of art. Whether you are looking for a vintage bead bracelet or unique teardrop earrings, making your first piece or adding to a closet full of charms, "Complete Jewellery" has what you need. Hardcover, 160 pages Author: Mary Helt
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  BO2617 $44.00
Spiral-bound to lie flat, and handsomely packaged with a rigid fabric cover and plastic band to hold sketches and notes, this information-packed technique source book is on every professional metalworker's must-have list. Filled with drawings and charts, it goes into incredible depth on every crucial topic: materials, tools, shaping, surfaces, joining, color, finishing, casting, stones and stonesetting, chains and clasps, and findings and mechanisms. Need details on bench accessories? Find out about bench pins and how to use them, squares, knives, scrapers, sanding boards, pliers racks, and more. Want to know about gems? A Gem Summary Chart gives the name, colors, cuts, hardness, and heat sensitivity of the top 50-and that's just the beginning. It's practically required reading for professionals!
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  BO3010 $140.00
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  BO001 $25.00
Silver chains are the backbone of any jewelry collection and these distinctive designs have those special handmade touches that machine-made jewelry just can't match--magnificent hammered silver, intriguingly complex links, and common motifs twisted into charming patterns. And anyone can craft them, with this extensively illustrated introduction that explains all the basics, from link formation to soldering and polishing. There's additional information on pivots and joinery, and even how to consider the effect of gravity on the finished piece as it rests on the body. Try the Geometric Chain, comprised of varied wire forms that rest in the crooks of their neighboring links, or the Spine design, which utilizes flattened wire and unique pivoting joinery. A gallery of contemporary chains provides inspiration.
Crystal Energy: 150 Ways to Bring Success, Love, Health, and Harmony Into Your Life - Lambert, Mary
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  BO1802 $40.00
Step-by-step illustrated instructions for making 10 unique and beautiful pieces ranging from pre-cut to art knives. Includes sections on tools, materials, forge set-up, sheathmaking and knife design. Soft cover, 222 pages.
Explains how to spot value and avoid rip-offs. Written by an experienced gemologist, it gives practical advice on selecting diamonds and ring mountings. Also tells how to care for and protect diamond jewelry, and how to compare prices of gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. Soft cover, 150 pages.
This is a comprehensive guide for jewellers who want to create sensational, one-of -a-kind jewelry. Included are techniques and processes for working with plastics, rubber, resin, ceramics, glass, leather, textiles, paper, natural and found objects, mixed media, and precious and non-precious metals. All of the techniques are enhanced with step-by-step instructions and clear photographs. Essential metal-smithing techniques are covered along with methods for working with a wide range of other materials which can be used on their own or in combination. Along with a helpful guide to the essential tools you will need, youll find that each chapter includes a thorough introduction to the properties and possibilities of each material and an examination of the techniques possible with that material. Finally, there is an invaluable resource of surface textures that can be achieved for all of the media featured in the book as well as a practical guide to the different kinds of clasps and closures available. Softcover, 160 pages
Adult/High School-A great resource for anyone interested in making beaded jewelry. Its focus, to be sure, is exploring the options and techniques for finishing projects, but it goes much further than that. Bateman includes a brief history of jewelry and an excellent overview of the basic tools and materials involved in making beaded jewelry. Beautiful photographs and sketches in color illustrate the detailed explanations and instructions. Suitable for beginners and experienced crafters, the projects range from simple earrings to intricately stitched bracelets. The wealth of information and easy-to-follow layout will appeal to any beadworker
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  BO2169 $45.00
Findings & Finishings will appeal to novice and experience designers alike. Jam -packed with tips, tricks, and know-how, this book is a must-have for the library of any beadworker or jewellery maker. Turn a piece of jewelry into a work of art with Findings & Finishings, the ultimate idea book for completing all your designs with flair. The first publication devoted entirely to all the options for adding finishing touches to your beadwork, Findings & Finishings is the resource guide for every beader and jewelry maker.
This title offeres advice and shape, cutting style, carat weight, colour and clarity for those purchasing coloured gemstones with a brief description of differnet types of stones
The third edition of this accessible and knowledgeable guide to gem identification features updated information on new techniques and gems, including the high-pressure/high-temperature techniques used to treat some types of diamonds, methods for detecting diffusion techniques used to color sapphires, and new instruments for identification. Basic identification techniques are stressed, with instruction in setting up a lab, and discussion of instruments. More advanced techniques are then discussed. A chapter is included on antique and estate jewelry.
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  BO0160 $80.00
A full-color, comprehensive guide to evaluating, identifying, selecting and caring for a variety of colored gem stones. The Gemstone Buying Guide teaches both consumers and professionals how judge color, transparency, flaws and brilliancy. A valuable resource for every jewelers' and gem lovers' library. Soft cover, 148 pages
Authoritative reference work, with color photographs of more than 1400 specimens, many shown before and after cutting. Special sections on fabricated and synthetic gems, recognizing gems by color, birthstones and organic gems such as coral and pearl. Includes technical data on gemstone properties, formation and structure of gems and cutting. Hard cover, 256 pages.
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  BO0180 $54.00
An ideal introduction, this manual details the craft of making metal jewelry by pairing expert guidance with clear, explicit photographs. Beginning with the basic tools and skills necessary to master before complex projects can be executed successfully, every stage of the metal jewelry art is discussedâfrom practicing proper safety to learning how to cut, solder, buff, and stamp metals. Example projectsâin styles from contemporary and funky to classic and elegantâinclude pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and chains.
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  BO1811 $44.95
Goldsmithing and silver work are the time-honored techniques for making jewelry, as well as other exquisite decorative items. Experience the pleasure of crafting with these precious metals, and of using your creativity and skills to produce objects of great beauty. Hundreds of color photographs illustrate the procedures in rich detail, and display a breathtaking assortment of pieces by talented artists. Each innovative project introduces techniques that range from casting, stamping, hand engraving, and electroplating to the more specialized Kum Boo, where sheets of gold are fused with silver to form lovely motifs. Two handsome square rings, formed from stamped bar stock, show off differently cut stones; a traditional Berber bracelet features delicate, intricate filigree; and an elaborate silver coffee service with six cups requires spinning on a lathe. The chapter on gems alone--featuring the work of Bernd Munsteiner, considered the best gem cutter in the world--makes this sourcebook invaluable!
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  Hard coverBO0518 $70.00
A complete booklet on the subject of plating precious metals. Soft cover, 12 pages.
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  BO0190 $10.50
The project-by-project guided lessons and corresponding how-to photos will tutor novice crafters on the glass fusing process. Crafters will develop practical fusing skills as they progress through the book, mastering comprehensive techniques of preparation, assembly and kiln firing methods. The selection of delightful projects includes plates, trays, bowls, clocks, jewelry and much more.
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  BO1868 $42.00
Introduction to Precious Metals Metallurgy for Jewelers & Silversmiths by Mark Grimwade Mark Grimwade has devoted more than three decades to the study of the behavior of precious metals and their alloys. As a consultant to the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and the World Gold Council, among others, he has been at the forefront of technical development. As a professor at London University, he has honed his skills of making complicated phenomena accessible to nonscientists. In this impressive expanded edition of his groundbreaking 1985 book, students and professional artists working in metal will find answers to questions that have plagued them for years
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  BO3025 $75.00
A unique and practical tool for the bench jeweler and student, as well as the retail jeweler. Easy to follow text and illustrations on many aspects of gems and jewelry including: a listing of gems and gem properties, a list of birthstones, diagrams of more than 40 gem cutting styles, legal standards of diamond, gold and silver marketing, formulas and chemical preparations, ring size gauges and sizes, measurement conversion tables and more. Soft cover, 112 pages.
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  BO4432 $59.00
Jewelry Lab uses brevity to ignite a passion for working the metals processes and learning about all the ways metal can be used. It provides aspiring metalsmiths and jewelry makers a way to learn fundamental techniques that is quick and fun. In addition to the basic skills such as sawing, drilling, soldering, and finishing, the book covers texturing, etching, rolling, coloring, patinas, forming, connections, findings, solders, bezels, rivets, and other experimental techniques. This is not a project book; rather, it is an approachable, unintimidating workbook that breaks metals processes down into very specific experiments, such as texturing or plastic deformation of metal, with no goal in mind other than to experience how metal moves. Readers learn to understand more about metal, how to master it, and gain a deep, thoughtful underlying appreciation for process and method, becoming entranced with finely crafting objects with great care.
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  BO2729 $42.50
Revised and enlarged edition. Clear text, with useful photographs and diagrams of fundamental processes and techniques such as enameling, plating and etching. Includes sections on the three types of casting, stones used for jewelry and methods of setting stones. Appendix and supplementary tables. Soft cover, 288 pages.
With over 280 line drawings, it's a comprehensive reference book which covers the entire field of jewelry manufacture and repair. Hard cover, 212 pages.
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  BO0290 $80.00
Offers the beginning and intermediate metalsmith clear and insightful instruction on jewelry-making methods. Subjects include cutting and bending; texturing; fusing and soldering; cold connections; finishing and patina; stone setting; casting; mechanisms and chains. Illustrated with both demonstration and completed jewelry photos. Hard cover, 145 pages.
No soldering is required to make these metal necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings; they're cold-connected, or crafted with such easy-to-learn skills as piercing, sawing, riveting, and joining, making them perfect for the beginning jeweler. The results look completely professional and beautiful. Work with sterling silver, copper, brass, aluminum, and nickel in sheets, wires, and tubes. Find out how to create your own chains, earwires, clasps, and other findings from wire jump rings. Learn metal texturing and finishing techniques such as chasing, etching, adding a patina, and fashioning shiny and matte surfaces. Find out how to make a simple setting so you can include pearls, beads, stones, and found objects. Then set your creativity free on projects like Polka Dot Tube Earrings; a Sewn Pendant and Chain; a Circle Brooch with Thorn Clasp; and a Layered Cuff Bracelet. "Bonus: an exquisite photographic gallery for additional inspiration.
Making Silver Chains walks the reader through the basic processes of silver working and presents a series of chain making projects in step-by-step format. Covered are trace chains, curb chains, the idiot's delight and other circular link chains, loop-in-loop chains, fancy link chains, and fasteners. Simple techniques, beautiful designs, one of our best new books about chain making. Profusely illustrated with line drawings and color photographs, highly recommended for anyone with an interest in chain making. Soft cover, 8.5" x 10", 112 pages.
Complete 113 page instruction book for the Matt Gunn Kit.
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  BO0310 $59.50
Never before, in the long history of the jewelers saw (first appeared in 1700s) has there been a definitive description of how to use this amazing tool. This book will also correct long-standing misunderstandings and myths of how the tool must be used. Tom delivers an in depth, clearly defined method for a variety of uses, not just jewelry making. Not your average How To book, Metal Artist's Workbench has wit, humor and Toms peculiar and amusing point of view about what it means to be a maker. His writing is easy to follow while being very instructional.
Try metal clay the quick and easy way! If you want to try your hand at metal clay, but you?re intimidated by the time commitment or cost, Metal Clay in a Day is the book for you. Basic techniques and more than twenty-five simple, stylish jewelry projects offer you the perfect introduction to metal clay without requiring you to spend a fortune on new tools and materials. Metal Clay in a Day will get you started with: Straightforward, simple projects. You?ll learn everything you need to know to make easy but attractive earrings, necklaces and bracelets using a minimal amount of metal clay. Low?cost tools and techniques. You won?t believe the shapes and designs you can make using tools you probably already have in your home! No-kiln firing. Every project in the book can be fired using a hand-held butane torch instead of a kiln, and you?ll learn simple steps to getting professional-looking results. Make a piece this afternoon and show it off tonight! Take home Metal Clay in a Day? and let the metal play begin. About the Author Tammy Garner has been working with clay since 1994 and currently teaches workshops in both polymer and precious metal clay at her studio and in local stores. She studied PMC at Arrowmont School for the Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN and is a member of both the PMC Guild and the National Polymer Clay Guild (of which she is currently the president of her local chapter). Author: Tammy Garner
Metal Corrugation is guaranteed to infuse and inspire you with the playful creativity this process has to offer. Using a variety of tools and techniques you will rapidly be taken beyond any traditional utilitarian appearance seen with corrugated material that is part of our everyday life. Discover how you can get those waves (and more) into you metal work. Several years in research make this book a must for personal expression in metalsmithing and a necessity in your personal library. Profusely illustrated with color photographs. Hard cover or Soft cover, 9" x 11.5", 137 pages.
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  BO2968 $66.50
First I have to say that I came across this book while shopping for Marie Browning's book "Inspired by the Garden". After searching under her name, I discovered that she's quite a prolific craft book author, covering many different areas (metal, paper, soap, gift wrap, misc/general, etc.) I went to the library and borrowed nearly every book authored by her that they had on the shelves. After a look at Metal Crafting Workshop, I was hooked, fast! I now incorporate metal in my stained glass work. In addition, this book has proven very useful for our home-school art projects. I've used the Repousse Trio project paired with a study of the Statue of Liberty - the most famous example of copper repousse. We've also done some metal piercing of tin and copper while studying American folk-art; and just for fun we've gotten ourselves all tangled up in wire projects that turned out very cool! There are 40 different wrapped, hammered, stamped and embossed projects for sheet copper and tin, and wire, some incorporating paint, beads and jewels. From bookmarks to candle holders, vases, labels, journals, coasters, frames, framed art, mirrors, ornaments, lanterns, boxes, tiles and clocks, the list goes on... I agree with the first reviewer - this book is excellent for a beginner and should definitely be purchased ahead of Metal Embossing, a book I've also looked at and also consider better suited for someone well into the metal embossing experience. And, as I mentioned, Marie Browning's book offers many different metal working techniques, not just embossing.
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  BO2543 $56.20
Its simple to create intricate designs on metaland impart luster, radiance, and dimensionwith the centuries-old art of embossing. This in-depth workshop, packed with close-up images and instructional photos, explains it all: tracing and transferring patterns, cutting designs from the metal and attaching them to a surface, filling in, adding color and patina, finishing and varnishing, and texturizing. Novices will find out how to use a wide variety of tools and products, and watch a project being made from start to finish. An entire photographic section showcases a range of embossing designs, with their richly diverse textures. The exquisite projectsall with full-size patternsinclude frames and framed designs, boxes, clocks, glass items (vases, decanters), and jewelry.
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  BO1131 $56.97
Metalsmithing can be a daunting task, especially to the beginner. This beautifully photographed, comprehensive guide provides crafters of all levels with a gentle, user-friendly approach to substantial metal jewelry-making skills. After reviewing the fundamentals of jewelry design, raw materials, and safety in the studio, readers are introduced to tools for cutting, drilling, forming, soldering, polishing, and more. Next, they will learn a variety of techniques including piercing, stamping, forging, annealing, oxidizing, casting, and even setting stones, enabling them to create 25 stunning and professional-looking projects.
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  BO2619 $44.00
This unique collection gathers the experience of a dozen leaders of fine metalsmithing. From techniques as ancient as granulation and depletion gilding to the latest word in fold forming and anticlastic raising, this book is a valuable addition to every jewelry makers' library. Hard cover, 151 pages.
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  BO1787 $42.00
It's the classic work: revised and updated Identify over 500 of the most collectible minerals quickly and easily with this fully photographed field guide. And this new reissue makes identification easier, with new cleavability ratings for each entry alongside the handy classifications based on streak color, Mohs' hardness, and specific gravity. A complete introductory discussion of mineral forms and properties explains the essential criteria for recognition, and each of the hundreds of minerals (from Ankerite to Zinwaldite) is accompanied by information on its fracture, luster, chemical formula, aggregates, distinguishing characteristics, and localities
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  BO1358 $24.50
Combining Sheet, Clay, Mesh, Wire & More In this creative workshop, metal clay, one of the hottest trends in jewelry making, is combined with traditional metal forms to create fabulous jewelry. Twenty fun projects, professional instruction, and a gallery of inspirational jewelry will show jewelers and general crafters how to combine an easy-to-work with material with sheet metal, wire, and other embellishments. The result: gorgeous wearable art. Hardcover: 128 pages Author: Mary Hettmansperger
Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts
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  BO2307 $60.00
Jewelry Making Books at discount prices! Mother-of-pearl, with its infinitely varied iridescent hues, can be combined with coral and pearls, crystal and lead glass to produce stunning jewelry. From classic to contemporary designs, this book contains a fantastic array of jewelry, all made with this natural jewel of the sea. Softcover: 80 pages.
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  BO1753 $27.50
Step-by-step demonstrations enable you to create genuine, precious and semi-precious jewelry, or restring pearls and beads quickly and easily. Included are various beading techniques such as finger knotting and using tools correctly. Contains many illustrations and color photographs of finished products. Soft cover, 78 pages.
This book explores the uses of and possibilities for palladium, including the creation of pendants, clasps, brooches, and rings. 80 pp., 251 illustrations, English/German.
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  BO07 $119.00
This book describes the theories and processes of repairing and adjusting the modern watch in precise and meticulous detail. De Carle takes his reader through every stage and operation of watch repairing, and with 553 illustrations, it can justifiably claim to be the best illustrated book on practical horology yet issued, and one of the best of its kind on any subject.
Practical Wax Modeling continues on with advanced techniques and topics, building on the foundation of techniques and information presented in Basic Wax Modeling. Chapters include Hard Wax Modeling Techniques, Soft Wax Modeling Techniques, Modeling Techniques with Gemstones, Other Wax Techniques, Casting Processes and Rubber Mold Making, and Processing and Finishing After Casting. Projects include Textured Ring, Two Part Ring, Ring with a Floating Twist, Built-Up Ring, Hollow Pendant, Brooch Using Hard and Soft Wax, Brooch with Realistic Modeling, Embossed Figure Brooch, Floral Pattern Ring, Ring of Wax Wire Construction, Making "Mitsuro" (Beeswax), Mitsuro Ring, Mitsuro Brooch, Mitsuro Pendant, Modeling Mitsuro with Other Materials, Free Forming, Cabochon Mounting for a Pendant in Soft Wax, and Cabochon Mounting for a Ring in Hard Wax. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in learning to model in wax and cast. Hard cover, 7.5" x 10.5", 151 pages.
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  BO0390 $105.00
Details valuable exercises from trainee level to master working procedures. The use of each tool is described as well as a presentation of basic exercises. A special section follows where room is left for the drawing imposed by the master and space is provided for illustrating the apprentices own creation. It can be a handy workshop aid and reference book for the experienced professional. Hard cover, 164 pages.
Easy Projects Using Readymade Parts The secret is out! Heres how skilled crafters make gallery-quality modular jewelry out of inexpensive mass-produced parts. All the essential techniques sawing, filing, drilling, making cold connections, soldering, polishing are illustrated in full-colour photography and then utilized in 25 beautiful projects by contemporary designers, from Victoria Chos Guitar String Stickpin to Joanna Gollbergs elegant cerulean and gold necklace. Finally, a spectacular colour gallery of necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches demonstrates the vast range of creative possibilities in prefab jewelry design. Paperback: 128 pages Author: Marthe Le Van
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  BO1739 $34.00
Forget what you think jewellery should be, and consider instead what it could become. Curated by popular jewellery maker and blogger Arthur Hash, PUSH Jewellery profiles the cutting-edge work of 30 top jewellery artists from around the world, including such standouts as Lucy Sarneel and Beppe Kessler. These mavericks are creating a bold new language in technique, materials, and subject matter, confidently crossing boundaries between craft and art. Each chapter features six to eight pages of gorgeous photographs and an inspiring Q&A-style interview. Hardcover, 176 pages
Geared for the less affluent collector. Concentrates on the more common timepieces available and how to deal with each component, suggesting original short cuts and ingenuous ideas for making simple tools. Step-by-step sequences and complete movements with all important parts identified in position. High readability and originality. Hard cover, 296 pages,
Professional Ring Repair was written by one of the foremost jewelry educators, Alan Revere. It is the only book ever devoted to the repair of rings and is the first in his new series. The only book of its kind, it documents the repair, alteration and restoration of rings in gold, silver and platinum. Follow fifteen ring repairs ranging from a simple stretching job to installing a spring insert, enlarging a bi-color shank, replacing a platinum half-shank, adding an adjustable ring mechanism and more. With 143 close-up color images, 91 sketches and 128 pages, this book is essential for anyone doing repairs at the bench as well as storeowners, managers, sales associates and students. Softbound 128 pages.
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  BO126 $60.00
Ring Repair by Alan Revere Professional Jewelry Repair Series The only book ever written on ring repair! This is the first of Alan Revere's books on jewelry repair based on his long running series in JCK magazine. Follow fifteen ring repairs ranging from a simple stretching job to installing a spring insert, enlarging a bi-color shank, replacing a platinum half-shank, adding an adjustable ring mechanism and more. With 143 close-up color images and 91 sketches, this book is essential for anyone doing repairs at the bench. Softcover, 125 pages
Setting Repair by Alan Revere Professional Jewelry Repair Series The only book ever written on setting repair! Alan Revere's second book on jewelry repair is based on his long-running series in JCK magazine. Follow seventeen key setting repairs ranging from simply tightening a bezel to replacing prongs, retipping, soldering near and replacing stones and much more. With 164 close-up color images and 63 sketches, this book is essential for anyone doing setting repairs Softcover, 143 pages
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  BO3134 $60.00
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  BO2572 $39.95
Rings have outsold every other subject covered by our original 500 series books, so it's only fitting that we begin the next generation of this art-jewelry series with Showcase 500 Rings. This dynamic gallery book looks at rings as they are being designed by leading studio jewelers around the world: some exploring dazzlingly innovative design styles with highly advanced techniques and costly materials, others using simple, traditional methods and creating works of quiet elegance. What they have in common is that every one of the 500 pieces photographed contains elements of surprise and awe. This book is a must-have, an essential and inspiring release for all jewelers, crafters, art fans, collectors, and contemporary designers of all stripes. Showcase 500 Rings was curated by Bruce Metcalf, a renowned studio jeweler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Popular jewellery designer and instructor Scott David Plumlee shows readers how to create 24 intricate-looking earrings, bracelets, and necklaces at home with a new quick and easy soldering technique. An innovative new material is turning traditional soldering upside down. Scott David Plumlee, author of Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry, teaches jewelry makers how to use a revolutionary new soldering paste and a small hand-held butane torch to create a range of seemingly complex but easily doable chain and bead designs at their kitchen table--no elaborate, expensive studio required. Scott's ingenious methods, clear instruction, and inspiring designs will give any aspiring jewellery maker the confidence to master this formerly intimidating technique. Soft-cover, 160 pages
Written for all who do metalsmithing. Contains the latest techniques and practical ideas and includes chapters on art metal work. Instructions are clear, easy to follow and are supported by over 300 illustrations. Soft cover. 184 pages.
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  BO3462 $26.00
Easy Techniques For the Kitchen-Table Jeweler This book is the complete guide to simple soldering. Soldering Made Simple takes all the mystery and fear out of soldering so that amateur jewelry makers even those who have never held a torch feel empowered and confident. Friendly and thorough instructional text and step-by-step photos help readers build skills gradually, which they can then employ with the included projects. Joe Silvera presents soldering techniques that use a simple setup, a handheld butane torch that is safe and easy to operate, and a few other supplies. Paperback: 112 pages Author: Joe Silvera
Aimed at crafters who have never picked up a pair of pliers, this handbook covers all the basics needed to get started creating great jewelry, from setting up a workspace and transferring designs to honing basic filing, sawing, and soldering skills. Diagrams give clarity for tricky stages, providing examples of what can go wrong and detailing how to repair common problems. A comprehensive tools and materials section reveals how to choose metals and stones, select and store useful materials, and start a beginnerâs tool kit. With step-by-step photography of every techniqueâdisplaying how to plan, pierce, file, solder, pickle, and cleanâthis comprehensive resource makes creating jewelry accessible and affordable.
Illustrating jewelry is the act of transforming ideas into reality. Professional looking illustrations give the designer an advantage. This manual brings the talents and expertise of outstanding jewelry designers into one volume. The templates provide support in giving your ideas a pleasing visual rendering. The manual and template set together, helps either student or trained designer bring design ideas to life.
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  BO0430Manual only $195.00
  BO0440Set of 5 templates $165.00
This is an overview of contemporary jewellery-making techniques for studio artists. Individual chapters cover various aspects of metalworking, color addition, and the use of findings, with project instructions and color photographs of ... more » finished works by multiple artists supplementing the technical information and practice exercises. This beautifully illustrated book should find a place in public library collections needing additional material on jewelry making.
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  BO2783 $60.00
Craft an incredible assortment of fine jewelry-- each a designer original. The impressive "gems" from innovative, contemporary artisans are as magnificent as anything displayed in a gallery, but aren't meant to languish in a case. Engraving, casting, fabricating, forging, soldering, and enameling-- the techniques are varied and creative, just like the projects. Pins, earrings, rings, a necklace, a pendant, a bangle, and a cuff bracelet of extraordinary beauty and style make exceptional accessories that elevate any outfit. Finally, the sky's the limit when it comes to your own designs-- draw inspiration from fascinating profiles of the artists and their careers, as well as close-up color photographs of additional pieces from their collections. Compiled by an international award-winning jewelry maker, these outstanding examples will fill you with a passion for working with precious metals.
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  BO124 $42.50
Every eye-catching photo in this superb guide to a popular craft will inspire, instruct, and attract bead- and glass-makers. It's beautiful, easy to follow, and one-of-a-kind. Glass beadmaking has become a crafting phenomenon, and this colorful reference features a rich repertoire of creative ideas. Splashed across the splendid pages in eye-catching photos are all the most popular types of beads, accompanied by the newest, most innovative techniques. The instructions begin with the basics: how to light the torch, wind and cool the bead, and shape the glass into barrels, cones, and discs. As beadmakers' skills develop, they can expand their horizons by experimenting with enamel; using mica dust to form an iridescent sheen; and applying silver, gold, and copper leaf to layers of glass. The most advanced projects are truly remarkable, from floral and sculptural beads to beads that encase images of stars, rainbows, and faces.
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  BO2535 $58.00
An extremely thorough, A to Z guide to the practical "ins and outs" of casting, including projects. Well-illustrated and well-written by an acknowledged expert in the field. Soft cover, 256 pages.
Since time immemorial, people have used beads to adorn and beautify themselves and their surroundings. This guide shows readers how to do many of the different kinds of beadwork made all over the world. With step-by-step instructions for each technique, it has both simple and more advanced projects. ⢠For both novices and veterans, with clear, easy-to-understand instructions ⢠Hundreds of line drawings and photographs ⢠Special sections on making your own beads; the intricacies of fasteners and clasps; bead designs; working with wire; threading techniques; and beading on fabric, fibers, and looms
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  BO1847 $34.90
This comprehensive and heavily illustrated manual teaches the craft of jewelry making to students looking to create professional quality items. The author covers every step of the process, from creating original design concepts to fashioning professionally finished pieces of jewelry. She lists all required tools and equipment, explains their uses, advises on safe working practices, and then guides her readers through every stage of the jewelry making process in a series of carefully structured tutorials. Students will learn How to start with an original idea, translate it into a workable design, and then use the design as a pattern to make beautiful wearable jewelry How to work with precious and semiprecious stones, metals, glass, plastic, resin, and wood How to present and sell ones creations to dealers and wholesalers Clear, full-color, step-by-step photos demonstrate the methods of fashioning metals by heating, hammering, casting, soldering, riveting, polishing, finishing, and adding surface decoration. At-a-glance panels explain how to apply the right techniques when working in specific metals, as well as ideas for experimenting with inexpensive substitutes before advancing to precious materials. Here's the perfect book for transforming hobbyists into true professionals. It will also serve as a useful textbook for those conducting organized courses in jewelry design. Color photos on every page
The newest addition to our bestselling Encyclopedia of Art series (more than 900,000 sold!) focuses on the dazzling decorative possibilities of beadwork. The book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for a variety of techniques, all illustrated with more than 400 diagrams and photographs. Readers will learn both traditional and contemporary bead crafts, such as bead weaving, stringing, wirework, and strand-knotting. Practical projects reveal how to add detail, texture, color, and originality to garments and accessories. An extensive glossary section demystifies common names and stitches, while the 50-page gallery section highlights an inspirational selection of bead jewelry and embroidery from around the world.
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  BO2749 $49.90
Covers acrylies, etching, inlaying, enameling, casting, stamping, blanking, patinating, oxidizing and chain making. Complete with instructions for designing and presenting jewelry concepts as working drawings. Step-by-step color photos make every instruction and entry easy to understand. Hard cover
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  BO2503 $52.00
The flexshaft tool is probably used more often than any other available to the practicing craftsman. This machine and its numerous burrs, saws and other accessories free the jewelry maker from often laborious tasks and gives him the chance to preform numerous operations. The Flexible Shaft Machine - Jewelry Techniques covers and presents information about Machines and Handpieces, Ring sizer and drill press, Wax turning lathe, Stone-cutting unit, Table saw, Burrs, Details of burr use, Finishing a cast ring, Sculpting a Ring with a cabochon, Creating a ring set with brilliants, Setting a brilliant stone in a bezel, Setting square stones, Constructing large prongs, Carving prongs, Prong sets and pearls, Stone ring with metal inlay, Cabochon-cutting, Metal inlay in carved stone, Plastics, Carving Wood, Turning tubes and wax on a lathe, Ivory-carving and inlaying, Chasing and engraving, Drilling, Riveting, Titanium, and Surface Textures. Included is list of suppliers and a gallery of flexible shaft machine work by contemporary artists. Soft cover, 11" x 8.5", 47 pages.
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  BO0260 $39.00
The Gold and Silver Buyer's Handbook is a unique book of information for all those who buy or sell gold or silver, jewellery or coins. It also contains a large amount of information of use to the general antiques trader. This book contains valuable trade information such as hallmark date letters, gold and silver content charts of coins and medallions, conversions, birthstones, how to test gemstones and diamonds, how to use testing acids, and many pages of useful contacts. Soft bound, 182 pages.
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  BO98 $95.00
A wealth of information on findings, processes, techniques and materials for the novice or intermediate craftsman. Instructs on care and use of equipment and gives expert information on jewelry making techniques. Soft cover, 68 pages.
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  BO0220 $39.00
Since its first publication in 1995, the Encyclopedia of Jewellery Making Techniques has been devoured by students borrowing a well-thumbed copy from their college library, established jewellers wishing to find out more about new techniques, as well as all those who just enjoy making jewellery as a hobby, who have kept it beside their workbench at home as a third hand to help them through a tricky process. Since then many books have been written about jewellery making. However, this volume still enjoys a huge following. To update it, a finished example now illustrates every technique to give a context to the method described. There are also new articles on harvesting scrap metal, designing jewellery, comparing metals' properties, and a wonderful demonstration of precious metal clay - a material that didn't even exist when this book was first published. Doyenne of metal clay, Sue Heaser, gives a masterclass in this technique. Jewellery making is a rewarding and fascinating craft. Although you may find that you enjoy some aspects of it more than others, the techniques described here will give you a thorough understanding of all the basic information you need to create unique and professional looking pieces
What makes a piece of jewelry special isn't the cost--it's the creativity, novelty, and originality that go into the design. And this imaginative and informative compendium of jewelry-making techniques, packed with more than 700 color images and written by the noted jeweler and instructor Carles Codina, features a range of contemporary alternative materials. From paper, wood, and polymer clay to glass, new metal formats, and plastics, each material receives detailed attention, with the key techniques demonstrated in a single, finished project. Mold and embellish paper clay to create a whimsical brooch. Fold rice paper into a sculptural bracelet. To finish in style, there are six additional items to make that build upon earlier skills, including a necklace of hollow ceramic orbs.
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  BO2965 $68.00
Pearl buying made simple. Written in easy-to-read everyday English by consumer author Renee Newman, GG (GIA), a gemologist, lecturer and talk show guest. Lots of explanatory photos and step- by-step pointers on how to buy the best pearls for the money. Learn how to recognize real pearls, compare prices and save money. Soft cover, 188 pages.
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  BO0406 $45.00
For 75 years, the Penland School has attracted the greatest minds in crafting, and now its artists have created a real jewel of a collection. From the premier academy for fine crafting comes a third showstopper: a splendidly photographed guide that offers a combination of how-to manual, gorgeous coffee table book, and reflective essays. On breathtaking display are the skills and works of 10 contemporary jewelers who have taught at the school; each artist possesses a special expertise that makes him or her a leader in the field. From John Cogswell's handsome forged metal to Heather White's innovative casting, from Marilyn daSilva's unique use of color to Doug Harling's meticulous granulation of fine gold, the material here is eye-opening and inspirational. Their combined knowledge, thoughtful writing, and stunning pieces make for a one-of-a-kind volume that will aid both jewelers and collectors, and astonish anyone who loves jewelry.
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  BO3514 $78.50
Bring the beads along. With these 33 projects, crafters can make pendants, earrings, headbands, and bookmarks anywhere at all. Thereâs very little equipment and few supplies needed, so why not relax and get creative on car trips and airplanes, at soccer games and doctorsâ officesâwherever some extra time turns up? All the basic techniques of the craft (so simple) are included, along with tips to keep the materials organized in makeshift spaces, but itâs the wonderful things to make that will please. Craft a crystal bracelet or one from coral; a watchband; a pearl, brass, or bone necklace; a hot pepper loop; a beaded basket; a mask; a cardholder, and other lovely things.
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  BO0508 $30.00
This well-known comprehensive standard reference textbook is now available for jewelers and metalsmiths. In a conversational tone, the author defines, describes and demonstrates topics such as metals, chemicals, handworking skills, silversmithing, machine tools, joining techniques, electroplating, settings and much more with over 550 photos and 100 charts.
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  BO4861 $45.00
This comprehensive and ambitious workshop reference for jewelers brings together a vast range of skills, techniques, and technical data into one volume. Offering detailed explanations and step-by-step photography to demonstrate procedures, this handbook includes a complete reference section featuring tool shapes, an index of gems, a glossary, standard sizes and measurements, conversion tables, and an extensive list of resources. Additionally, the manual offers a directory of tools and materials including a key to identifying tools for a beginners kit a historical introduction to jewelry, and suggestions for photographing and promoting completed pieces. Remarkable cutting-edge pieces by jewelry makers and designers from around the world are used to illustrate the various processes involved in creating exceptional jewelry. Covering everything from traditional metalsmithing skills and using alternative materials, such as plastics and resin, to discussing issues involved with outsourcing work to specialist external suppliers, this is an indispensable and essential resource for both students and professionals
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  BO3520 $90.00
Based on the hugley popular one day tiara workshops held at the Nottingham Bead Shop, this book is ideal for those who want to create a unique tiara or headdress in their own style and colour sheme. Anyone can make a tiara regardless of experience or ability. Allow your confidence to grow with full colour pictures accompanying the clear, concise step by step instructions. Projects are rated with a 5 Star system to help you to decide which is the best to start with. *15 complete step by step projects *Full colour pictures accompany each step *Learn different techniques to create your unique tiara *Tiaras for any occasion *Basic tools and materials needed to start
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  BO3014 $53.60
Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry combines beading and wire-working techniques with the intense beauty of torch-fired enameled beads. Metal becomes your canvas as you learn the basics of enameling with a torch, then dive into 22 exquisite pieces. Inside you?ll find: A hands-on, in-depth approach to enameling beads, pendants and other metal findings using a torch instead of a kiln An extensive enameling workshop, with information on equipment, materials and safety considerations Tips and tricks for making truly unique pieces: learn how to modulate color, create burnt edges and manipulate the gas/oxygen ratio to achieve color flashes and smoky hazes. Jewelry and metal-working techniques, from wire-wrapping to etching copper sheet, that create a perfect backdrop to your stunning enamel creations. Light the torch, gather your enamels and start painting with fire in Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry.
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  BO2837 $45.00
Vintage Jewellery Sourcebook by Caroline Cox
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  BO3163 $14.00
It's fashionable and fun to wear crafted jewelry, especially if you make it with your hands. Try your hands at easy and fun projects you can finish in a few hours. Bend, twist, and wrap your way to distinctive jewelry just your style. Choose from 66 projects that include: wrapped-wire necklaces and earrings; spiral fashion pin; ID chain; headband; and pendant. From woven beads and pearls try a fashion pin; finger butterfly; and hair comb; or make personalities with beads: Santa, bride, groom, teen girl and boy, baby girl, baby boy. You can also make wire dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, and bees, as well as whimsical projects such as a snow crystal stickpin, hairsticks with dangles, and wrist ladder bracelet.
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  BO0515 $35.00
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