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Choose from our wide selection of abrasive wheels, Norton and 3M sand paper, Cratex abrasive wheels, arkansas sharpening stones and stone points for grinding and tool sharpening. We also offer the popular 3m radial bristle disc. Perfect for cleaning jewellery parts and other jewellery finishing techniques.
We stock the Jewellery industries leading adhesives including VIGOR Jewellers Epoxy and Super Glue and L&R Precision Cement
The perfect working surface for repairing, forming, shaping, bending, and flattening.
Looking for beading supplies or tools for bringing your wire wrap designs to life? We stock the essential supplies for bead weaving and wire wrapping projects. Items include: beaded jewelry books storage trays beeswax and a wide variety of cutters and beading pliers. Our bead crimping pliers are the best tool for for finishing your beaded jewellery designs.
Purpose built Workbenches provide a dedicated place for jewellery designers and makers to work efficiently. We also stock a full range of accessories to keep your tools and supplies organised
One of the best ways to learn jewellery making is from a well-illustrated jewellery book. Whether you are looking for a general jewellery reference or beginners guide or a diamond setting manual our book range has something for you. Including many Gemmological and Beading Titles.
Brushes for every metalworking need. Brass wire wheels, steel wire brushes, rotary bristle brushes, Satin finish brushes and more. Cleaning brushes, flux brushes, and brushes for preparing metal surfaces for enamelling. We also carry fibreglass brushes popular with Art Clay and PMC users.
Choosing the right buff for any metal is easy with our range of Chemkote, Berry, Orange, Muslin and Finex Buffs. Whatever you are buffing, a buff from the Regal range will suit.
A complete range of burs from Maillefer, as well as a selection of other burs and drills including Tool Steel, Diamond and Tungsten Carbide.
Lost wax casting is one of the most reliable and cost effective methods of jewellery making available. For each step of the process, Regal can provide the necessary supplies: Castaldo Rubber, Vulcanizers, Wax Injectors, Sand Casting kits, and much more.
Steam cleaners and Speed brite Ionic cleaners can save both time and money. We offer a selection of cleaning equipment and supplies for jewellers, retailers and those who take great care of their jewellery.
Copper and Brass wire in a range of profiles and sizes. Prepackaged in convenient lengths. Short brass and steel wire lengths.
All you need for storing grading and handling diamonds, Stone trays, parcel papers, Diamond Seives.
Inside Ring Engraving machines or Engraving Balls, Sand bags and Leather pads to Vallorbe Swiss Gravers, Eze Lap Diamond Sharpening Stones and Engravers Cement and much much more
As every experienced jeweler knows, a good selection of quality metal files is a necessity. We carry a wide selection from the worlds leader Vallorbe Swiss as well as other manufacturers. Choose from riffler files, precision needle files, habilis, escapement, and large hand files. We also carry specialty metal working tools such as diamond files, and wax files.
Grobet, Foredom, Faro and Carlo de Giorgi flexible shafts are standard equipment for jewellers, bone carvers, craftsman, beaded jewellery makers, and many other crafts. We recently introduced the Foredom Asia motor range - A quality cost effective option for Pendant and Micro motors. Regal Ltd also offers the Foredom USA Micromotor range. We carry a selection of handpieces to suit everyone's requirements in both US and European connections. In addition a selection of hanging brackets and clamps to allow for optimum motor placement, giving greater comfort of use and extending the life of the flexible shaft by minimizing wear on it. We have a range of spare parts available for the handpieces that we stock, as well as being able to offer the services of a technician to repair and recondition your handpiece whether it is simply needing a collet replacement, or full recondition.
BenchMate is a powerful holding system that stabilizes stone setting, speeds up soldering and simplifies jewelry repair. BenchMate reduces the hand force needed to set stones.
Gold and Silversmiths Hammers Watchmaking and Riveting Hammers, Deadblow And Rawhide Mallets. Dont forget to check our our range or replacement faces available.
A beginners jewellery tool-kit has the basic hand tools to suit anyone setting up.
We supply a variety of magnifiers and optical devices for jewellers, beaders craft people. Bausch&Lomb, Peer and Optivisor magnifiers feature precision optics and ergonomic designs. Their product line includes lighted magnifiers, head band visor loupes, and jewellery magnifiers. Magnifying glasses and eye loupes are great beading supplies, making it easier to work with small objects such as seed beads and nylon bead cord. Magnifiers are also essential tools for watch repair.
Degree Gauges and Callipers to Ring Sizers and Ring Sticks all the leading brands Mitutoyo Starret and Wheatsheaf.
All your forming needs from Bangle, Neck and Ring Mandrels to Swage and doming blocks and Punches. We carry both the Highest European quality to economcial Hobbyist grades.
Strings Tags, Sharkskin Labels, Plastic tags and labels in many shapes and Colours. Display trays for Rings, Bracelets, Stones and a convenient hard carry case for displaying your merchandise.
From tumbling to drilling and stringing we have everything you need. Cleaning solutions for restoring lustre.
Equipment and supplies you need to plate or colour your jewellery. Rectifiers, Plating Solutions. Cold Enamels and JAX Patinas, as well as Image Transfer Systems.
Jeweller's pliers and cutters are available in a full range of styles and prices. Regal offers some of the best quality pliers from around the world including Pastorino and Lindstrom pliers and cutters and a selection of high-quality UK made MAUN Parallel Pliers in varying lengths and shapes.
Everything you need to get a hi-shine polish on your jewellery, in addition to cloths and compounds we have buffs, polishing motors and extractors.
Reamers and Broaches
We've selected an impressive range of tools used to form shape or hold Rings including a great selection of Ring Clamps including the ever popular Wooden Wedge Clamp, Inside Ring Clamps and Aluminium Kirkland Clamps.
We are proud to be the NZ Agent for Durston Rolling Mills, recognised throughout the world for their reliability, robust construction, high quality and fine finish.
Safety is an important part of any workshop large or small. We offer Masks, Visors, Goggles and Soldering Glasses, Aprons and Gloves, from all the worlds leading Suppliers.
Jewellers Sawframes from all over the Globe Vallorbe Eclipse. Jewellers Sawblades Round back, Spiral and Diamond Coated.
Excellent for clipping chains, solder and thin metal.
Regal Castings offers a wide selection of jewellery tools for stone setting including: beading tools, metal burnishing tools, bezel punches and mandrels, setters cement, shellac flakes. Whether you are making custom diamond jewellery or repairing antique jewellery, we have the tools and supplies you need.
All of the essential tools for soldering gold, silver and platinum. A huge range of Fluxes to Pickles, third hands, to Soldering Stations.
The highest quality German Carat and Hallmarking stamps to the ever popular number and letter stamp sets, don't forget to check out our pattern stamps.
Tables on size and weight conversion.
Wondering how to test gold jewelry for Carat? We have the latest digital testers or a cheaper alternative our simple gold acid testing solutions and a testing stone are all you need to obtain accurate results when testing gold jewellery. When testing the authenticity of your diamonds, nothing beats our Presidium Diamond and Moissanite Testers for quality, accuracy and value. We also offer the Presidium Multi combination diamond and moissanite tester.
Whether you are looking for the popular Smith Little Torch acetylene/LPG oxygen kit, Regal Orca Torch or refillable Micro torches, you will find it here. We also carry a huge range of soldering equipment be sure to check out our range of HILDERBRAND Solder pastes.
RAYTECH Vibratory tumblers, rock tumblers, and magnetic finishing equipment. The Raytech and Grobet tumblers and magnetic finishers we offer are among the best in the industry. We also carry polishing and deburring media such as ceramic porcelain polishing media and plastic tumbling media steel and Stainless Steel shot.
Jewellers Tweezers and Tongs for all applications, soldering, Pickling, Diamond work. High quality Dumont to economy craft sets.
Bench Mounted Swivel style jewellers Vices to hand held held and Suction Vices.
Changing Straps to Changing and Checking Watch Batteries we have everything you may require.
Carving Sculpting or Modelling we bring you an amazing selection from the worlds leading Wax producers, KERR, MATT, FERRIS. Wax tubes blocks and slices, sheet wire and strip. Sculpture strips and blocks. Injection wax in varying grades.
Jeweller's often need to reduce the diameter of gold or silver wire for a particular metal working project. There is no tool that will do the job as efficiently as a wire draw bench and drawplate. Drawplates allow you to work with different wire gauges without having to stock a wide variety of diameters. The wire draw bench reduces the effort needed.
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